What’s Your Workplace Confession?

The office: Is there any setting more ripe for awkward encounters, embarrassing experiences or just plain weirdo behavior? We want your stories, big and small. For instance, did you accidentally send a message to your boss about … your boss? Did your friend’s deeply personal text message flash across your screen during a presentation? Did…


Can Pastis Do It Again?

Pastis, which served appetite-demolishing French food in the meatpacking district from 1999 until 2014, has been rebuilt near its former location. The revival raises a number of questions, including this: Will the snails come with enough bread to soak up all the garlic butter?

Ads Pitching CBD as a Cure-All Are Everywhere. Oversight Hasn’t Kept Up.

Scientists at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Va., were concerned when a young man contacted their department last year complaining of a heart-pounding, hallucinogenic high he had neither expected nor wanted to have. The team, led by the forensic toxicologist Michelle R. Peace, had published a study about mysterious ingredients in vaping liquids. That’s how…