Years are not a train, they just don’t stop. But this is not a reason to get upset. After all, we get experience and a better understanding of the world around us. You can always use all sorts of beauty tricks to reduce your age by a couple of years. So relax, enjoy life and avoid these hairstyles. They are ruthlessly aging any woman.

Do you want to look younger and fresher? Before you go to a cosmetologist or even more serious experts, contact a hairdresser or a stylist. Preferably a good one. If you have one of these haircuts, get rid of it as soon as possible. After all, they only add extra age.

1. Permanent hairstyle and an abundance of “fake” curls

It is difficult to say at what age playful curls lose their coquettish attraction. But there is one thing stylists are unanimous about: older ladies should avoid the abundance of curls. After all, hair becomes much thinner with age, so instead of the fashionable “Hollywood”, you can easily get a “dandelion” on your head. It will prevent you from looking more elegant.

2. “Helmet”

The most shapeless hairstyle, which is preferred by so many women for mysterious reasons. It is not very short, but not long as well. It seems to have a bang, but it is not explicit. Instead of this unexpressive hairstyle, stylists suggest choosing a haircut with more distinct lines that will add sharpness and will shape the face oval. After all, the face has the property of changing slightly with age, losing its old contours.

3. “Spines”

Despite the need to “preserve the shape”, too sharp and highlighted strands are by no means the best choice. The 1980s will never return, and thinned hair with such a riotous design will look even thinner.

4. High hairstyles, “bumps” and “seashells”

We will be brief: old-fashioned. It is difficult to look young and modern with such a vintage on top of your head.

5. Retro hairstyles

These beautiful and complex hairstyles resemble those of housewives from the 1950’s. They look attractive only in old films. In reality, they age women ruthlessly.

6. A bang

Stylists are unanimous: straight bangs (and even thinned bangs) are not the best choice for beautiful mature women. If you want to boast having a great bang, it’s better to choose a slanting and sharp one. This will add expressiveness to the facial features and make the face clearly oval.

7. Too dark dyeing

Even if you have always been a dark-haired brunette, why not refresh the image with something new? Moreover, any gray hair will be noticeable on the blueish and black (and simply too dark) background. Dark and “cold” shades have the property of making the face paler, which is not a good thing for the adult skin. It is better to try the warm colors of wheat, caramel or light chestnut. You will immediately notice a pleasant blush on the fresh face.

8. Long hair

No one makes you cut the braid short and in general, get a pixie haircut. However, to create an elegant “adult” image stylists advise avoiding straight flowing hair with a parting in the middle. Such a hairstyle makes the face shapeless and slightly heavier in its lower part. It is gravity that produces this effect without any additional assistance. Do you want to keep the hair length? Then choose light waves and cascades, slanting bangs and accentuated strands near the face – these tricks delineate the oval shape of the face and make the hairstyle more dynamic. Boring “mermaid” braids should rather be left for schoolgirls.

These are only recommendations and inspiration for further experiments. Choose the haircut you will feel comfortable with.