We keep repeating: you are free to makeup however you like. If you follow the trends, you will probably want to know what can make your image somewhat provincial (from the point of view of modern fashionistas). So, what makeup is no longer fashionable?

Graphic eyebrows

In modern realities and the constant lack of time, you want to get ready faster in the morning. We immediately remember about tattooing and the phrase “I woke up with my makeup on.” But, alas, eyebrow tattooing with a clearly defined outline looks very unnatural. Besides, it adds age, emphasizing all the folds and wrinkles on the skin.

Eyelash extensions

Dark, overly thick, dense fake eyelashes look artificial on the face. Extension per se or false eyelashes is not a bad idea if you choose the right length and shade. For example, Kim Kardashian with her notorious spider paws is a bad example, and Beyoncé with neat thin eyelashes is an option to follow in real life.

Layered tone

The most important thing in any foundation is that it should be invisible. A common mistake some girls make is to apply a tone in two or more shades that differ from their native skin color. Another mistake is to layer several products on top of each other, creating a mask effect. Believe me: all the “imperfections” of the skin cannot be hidden, but you can emphasize them even more with the help of powder and foundation, literally “exfoliating” from the skin. The best solution is a tone that will match the general skin tone on the body: hands, décolleté, and everything else must be taken into account.

Frank contouring

A bronzer that has lightened up with bright spots, an unnaturally dark cheekbone line, painful pink cheeks, a nose with unshaded lines are all signs of poor contouring or incorrect lighting. Alas, the same is found among the first Hollywood stars.

Too clear lip contour

The main mistake when creating lip makeup is to go far beyond the contour with a pencil and lipstick, not combining shades with each other. If you want to add volume, it is better to use gloss with a fine shimmer.