Some say that opposites attract, but that may not be the case when it comes to political views. It’s one thing to ignore the opposing political opinions of a friend or a co-worker, but when your spouse has drastically different political views it can put a strain on your relationship. And, with the presidential race in full swing, politically-divided couples find themselves at odds now more than ever.

When Les Tyler Johnson, a transgender man, began his physical transition, his parents weren’t exactly on board with his decision. Through the years, they slowly began to mend their strained relationship, and then both of his parents were diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. As their dementia progressed, he wondered if his new identity would be erased along with their memories of who he had become. His only hope is that they would always remember his essence, which is what mattered most.

And in these troubled times, we can all use a little heart healing. Here’s a simple recipe for a love potion that requires equal parts self-love and positive intentions. Suhaly Bautista-Carolina, an herbalist and community organizer in Brooklyn, whose clients range from the brokenhearted to Black Lives Matter protesters, said “We need all the heart medicine we can get right now.”

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