Most women try to fight hated circles under their eyes with concealers and creams, but these products do not always give the desired result. figured out how to get rid of dark circles under the eyes once and for all!

How the area around the eyes ages

Wrinkles, the appearance of the first folds as a result of frequent eye rubbing, the neglect of eye cream and poor eye makeup removal – these are the first age-related changes that make them look tired and drooping. If there are circles under the eyes, girls tend to use correctors in this zone, wearing dense coating all day. As a result, the skin around the eyes dries out and becomes thinner.

Why dark circles appear

Many women blame lack of sleep for the appearance of under-eye circles, and they are right in many ways, but there can be more reasons than that. For example, the cold season provokes the appearance of circles not less than missed hours of sleep. Nasal congestion leads to the swelling of the eye area, and this, in turn, only makes dark circles more visible.

In addition, vasodilator nasal drops, anti-flu or blood pressure medicines dilate blood vessels and increase blood flow throughout the body. Although they reduce the pressure well, dilated vessels under the eyes will make you look like a panda, instead of radiant beauty. In spring, seasonal allergies can cause dark circles.

The main reason for the appearance of visible circles under the eyes is skin thinning. Thin epidermis makes capillaries visible causing cyanosis.

What can be done?

Circles under the eyes are a collection of capillaries under thin skin. Only the thickening of the epidermis can help. Cosmetologists advise using fillers in the nasolacrimal area. The filler thickens the skin, making it better in quality. The structural elements of the epidermis are constantly being nourished, and the vessels become less pronounced.

In addition, dark circles under the eyes do not always have a vascular nature: very often this is a sign of volume loss: age-related displacement of tissues makes the shadow more pronounced. The filler returns the volume to the nasolacrimal area.

How does it work?

The filler is distributed to the bone under the muscle: it is inserted strictly under the circular muscles of the eye, lifting the soft tissues of the eye. With a small volume of the filler injected (about 1 ml or less to both eyes), a cushion is created, reducing the shadow under the eyes, due to which your look becomes fresher.

Plump lips, prominent cheekbones, and a sharp chin do not make our face younger, but pinpoint correction, such as reducing the visibility of dark circles under the eyes, a raised eyebrow and nose tip, slightly swollen lips, an even skin tone – all this makes the face more rested and fresh.

Some fillers, in addition to hyaluronic acid, contain a complex of amino acids. This has a beneficial effect on the structural molecule of collagen, because collagen is a sequence of amino acid residues, and it is part of muscle fibers, including the walls of blood vessels. Dark circles under the eyes vanish, firstly, due to tissue lift, and secondly, due to tissue nourishment with hyaluronic acid, which lasts for a year, while the filler splits.