If you are tired of the fact that your man perceives you as a housekeeper and is not in a hurry to help you do everyday chores, you will probably find our tips useful. We have compiled a list of recommendations that will help rehabilitate the obstinate partner, and at the same time explain to him that the woman in the house is not intended only for endless cleaning and cooking.

Assign responsibilities

Perhaps, any relationship should start from this. In order to immediately dot the i’s, it is necessary to clearly distribute the responsibilities and explain to your soulmate that equality prevails in your relationship. Otherwise, if you give up just once, you will get tangled in everyday issues, providing cleanliness for your cunning man. So first, find out from the man what kind of chores he could take on. For example, he absolutely does not like to wash dishes, but he will not object to washing and cooking.

In this way, you will demonstrate that you are ready to seek middle ground and save your partner from some of the hated duties. Just do not rush to immediately unload almost all the chores on your man – start to gradually prepare him for the fact that you also need help. Maybe, he will start to take out the garbage with pleasure, walk the dog, do homework with the children and water the flowers (except the duties that you have initially defined for him).

Do not forget about the schedule

Experts claim that discipline is needed not only at work but also at home. Therefore, discuss with your soulmate how to divide the schedule of household chores (in order not to quarrel and not to interfere with each other, you can divide the work into several stages). Write down this schedule not to forget what you have reached during the negotiations and put it in a prominent place.

This will greatly facilitate your life and help to avoid quarrels and disagreements in the future. Perhaps in the process, you will change something in this graph or even make a new one, but the main thing is that you will begin to work together and solve some issues together.

Act softly

Psychologists say that the male heart can be melted in the true sense of the word if you act gently and in a cunning rather than a straightforward manner. In other words, before assigning something to your partner, first, caress him and pay attention to the fact that he is simply irresistible, and then, after voicing your request, promise to thank him for a relaxing massage, a tasty dinner, going to the movies or meeting with friends (optionally).

Believe that easy flirtation and coquetry can convince anyone, and your soulmate will find it much nicer to do something, knowing that later he will get a reward.

Turn unbearable into the pleasant

According to experts, combining business with pleasure is an effective method of initiating household chores. For example, if your partner takes care of himself and tries not to miss sports workouts, tell him that cleaning is a kind of training, but for other muscle groups and for free.

Experts have estimated that standard cleaning (with floor washing and carpet cleaning) can help you burn about 500 calories, and even if your partner simply puts clean things on the shelves and collects his socks all over the apartment, he will already burn about 150 calories.

Use motivation

If the trick with workouts does not help (for example, your man doesn’t care how good his athletic training is and how he looks), try to find another motivation. Tell your chosen one that you also work a lot and you do not have the time and energy left to handle household chores alone. And, if he is not ready to help you with this, let him allocate money to pay for the work of a cleaner.

To begin with, look at the rates and calculate how much money it will take to pay for the services of a visiting specialist and how much will remain in the family budget. Perhaps your man simply does not know how much he will have to waste each month, so he does not take your idea seriously. But when you show him the amount of money, he will immediately change his point of view (of course, if he doesn’t have a six-digit sum in savings, which could be easily spent on a cleaner).

The whip method has never hurt anyone

If your faithful man turned out to be a hard nut to crack, you can try to act tough. For example, just stop cleaning, washing, cooking, and ignore his dissatisfied grumbling about the mess in the house and the lack of tasty dishes.

According to experts, at some point the man will just get tired of moving around the apartment among the scattered things and eating semi-finished products from plastic dishes, so he will take the initiative and start to clean up with great enthusiasm. Just do not go too far with these exercises, for if you pursue the experiment to its fullest, your man will be able to find a better option, where he will be tastily fed with homemade food and his appearance will be trimmed.

Of course, there is no need to take this article literally. Men are not animals to be trained. But some of them sometimes need to be reminded that, since they are not animals, they have to live like humans. This means that they must clean up after themselves and maintain order in the place of their living.