Traveling can wreak havoc on your fitness. If you are lucky, all the sightseeing you do on foot will cancel out the nighttime eating and drinking. But what if you are at a convention or stuck in meetings all day? Welcome to your fitness nightmare.

Here are six things you can bring along to help you work out — and feel better — while away, no matter what kind of trip you’re on.


Ultra-packable and suitable for anything from a jog in the park to lifting in the fitness center. They run small, though — order a half-size up.

This mat is lightweight, grippy, folds small enough to fit into a backpack, and — in case yoga’s not your thing — works as an exercise mat too.

Carry your phone, room key and passport while you’re out on a run, or keep them safely on you while using the hotel gym.

Skipping rope can burn as many calories per minute as running does, and you can do it in your hotel room.

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You don’t even need to pack the whole set of these resistance bands. Bring just one and search #minibandworkout on Instagram for exercise inspiration.

This foam roller’s slim size makes it great for travel: It’ll come in handy after you work out and when you’re recovering from a long flight.