A group of scientists from the University of Minnesota (USA) came to the conclusion that handsome men make a more beneficial and pleasant impression not only on women. They move up the career ladder faster and have more friends. Ladies, as it seems at first glance, consider handsome men more attractive for creating a family.

Genes are to blame. From the point of view of evolution, macho men seem to be healthier and more promising in terms of conceiving stronger offspring with a high chance of survival.

Moreover, women are more likely to experience orgasms with macho partners and are generally more satisfied with their sex life. However, everything has a downside.

Macho men cheat more often

Despite their enormous magnetic attraction, women tend to view handsome macho men as less reliable in the long term.

Indeed, men with more attractive faces were more likely to cheat in past relationships and are more likely to cheat in the future. In 2017, this assumption was confirmed by a group of researchers led by Dr. Frank D. Fincham from the University of Florida, USA.

The duration and quality of the relationship depends on the appearance

Recent studies show that a man’s physical appearance actually affects the duration of a relationship. A handsome guy is not expected to be faithful. Therefore, there is always a suspicion that the relationship will not last long and that it will not become serious and lasting.

Psychologist Christine Ma-Kellams proved in her research that attractive people get divorced more often, their relationship lasts less and, in general, they are more indifferent to the feelings of a female partner who, by a strange coincidence, is usually less beautiful.

Another interesting fact: if the husband is handsome in a couple, and the wife’s appearance is not stunningly beautiful, the spouses help each other less. Moreover, in such a situation, husbands often complain of dissatisfaction with the relationship.

Scientists have long had no doubt that men are more attracted to beautiful women. However, it does not work well when women choose handsome men for marriage. Cross-cultural research has confirmed psychologists’ conjecture: in European societies, women tend to choose men with less pronounced masculinity. These guys are perceived to be more open, gentle, honest and friendly. This is when it comes to long-term relationships.

As partners for one-time sex, women often prefer just macho men.

Most often, women fall for the charm of macho men in the middle of the menstrual cycle, when everything in the body is ready for fertilization. At this moment, women experience an irresistible craving for strong and handsome males.

Fortunately, the voice of reason stops many from making mistakes, which nevertheless reminds of the importance of affection and honesty when it comes to great and pure love.

A pleasant voice is a reason for divorce

In a relationship, everything is important, even the voice. At least that’s the conclusion reached by psychologists Gordon Gallup and David Frederick of Chapman University.

In the course of a large-scale study, scientists have confirmed that people with beautiful sexy voices, men and women, are subconsciously perceived as less faithful and less reliable in terms of long-term relationships.