A scoop of Eclipse blackberry-tarragon ice cream devised by the chef Greg Baxtrom comes topped with support for his restaurant Olmsted’s food bank, active in Brooklyn. Toasted almond thyme ice cream by Nicole Krasinski, an owner and the pastry chef at State Bird Provisions in San Francisco, benefits Black Earth Farms, a Black and Indigenous farming collective in the East Bay of San Francisco. These are just two of the options from Eclipse, a company that is collaborating on flavors with chefs, who designate charities that will receive the proceeds. Though there’s chocolate and vanilla, most of the flavors in the “chef series” are unusual. In fact calling any of these ice creams, despite their rich mouth feel and texture, is something of a misnomer since they’re entirely plant-based, using ingredients like cassava and corn to deliver the creaminess. The company, which began selling its confections late last year, has now made them available nationwide.

Eclipse, regular flavors, $11.99 a pint (six pint minimum); Chef Series flavors, $17.99 a pint: eclipsefoods.com.

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