Have you had to deal with ladies who are always dissatisfied with everything, and even the most innocent phrase causes a flurry of their emotions and a storm of indignation? Since you are sure to be influenced by this wave of negativity, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the list of basic signs that will allow you to recognize an unsatisfied woman whom it will be difficult to deal with. Have you experienced something similar? Then avoid meeting with the woman and do not waste your time.

She does not look her age

This is not a compliment at all. On the contrary, an unsatisfied woman looks much older than her age. After all, due to venting constant stress and aggression on other people, she simply has neither the strength, nor the time, nor the desire to take care of herself or maintain her beauty. As a result, such women have poor skin, dull complexion, bruises or bags under the eyes, unkempt hair and a dull look. At the same time, instead of urgently improving the situation, such a woman begins to devalue herself, becomes more reserved, loses composure, and ruins other people’s lives.

She cannot remember the day she was not tired

A woman who does not derive pleasure from life cannot rest normally and often suffers from insomnia. As a result, she looks tired, has bruises under her eyes and a dull complexion, feels weak and flies into a temper. She has long forgotten what it means to be vigorous, energetic and has time to do several things at a time. Experts say that such a state, accompanied by the absence of any positive emotions, can lead to depression, frustration, and various health problems.

She cannot boast having an excellent memory and high self-esteem

Such ladies often have poor memory and sometimes fail to remember even the most basic things. In addition, constant stress and aggressive behavior affect women’s self-esteem very negatively. As a result, they cease to feel attractive, interesting and desirable and put themselves under even more stress, thinking that something may be wrong with them. Thus, they are angry with others and get a new portion of enemies.

She never misses the chance to take advantage of her job or position

If such a woman was able to build a career, her subordinates can only be sympathized with. They will suffer from her bad mood, just like everyone who happens to stand on her way. Psychologists say that these women are accustomed to improving their own self-esteem by humiliating other people. They never seek an agreement or a middle ground and are not capable of feeling pity or compassion. On the other hand, they can easily use their official power for their own purposes – any time they need. They think that only they deserve the best things and that they are the center of everything.

They never hesitate to squabble in public

Intelligence and tact are definitely not their strong points. These ladies are accustomed to a stormy argument, and the more people witness it, the better. Such a person can easily be rude to someone in the queue or scold a guilty employee in public. They are looking for the slightest reason to share their negative feelings, get a splash of emotions, and enjoy their superiority. Alas, these women never notice that during a public quarrel people look at them with pity and bewilderment rather than with tacit approval.

They never forget to talk about their fate

Such people always find a reason to complain about the injustice of life and demonstrate their grievances to everyone. It looks as though they blame other people for the fact that these ladies do not want to solve their problems, they prefer to get angry and unload their negative emotions on others. Even if something good happens in their fate, they will deliberately ignore this event and find some irritating factor that will allow them to remember again that this world is imperfect.

They never conceal the envy of others

They have great difficulty learning about the success of other people, even the closest ones. They are very skeptical of success. They can achieve the same results, but it is much more pleasant to mock at someone or come up with further machinations to prove to others that everything cannot be perfect. They constantly gossip about other people and are completely and sincerely surprised that they are surrounded by fewer people with every day that passes. The truth is: why be friends with a person who cannot rejoice at your success and easily turns even the most positive situation into a negative experience?