The test of the horizontal exploration well TN-3X in the Swan of the Block 12/11 was performed in late March 2017 with the following results:

Target horizon – Upper Oligocene low-permeability sand formation;
Gas inflow exceeded 1 million m3/day;
The potential well performance under operational drives is around 3 million m3/day.

TN-3X well is the first horizontal exploration well offshore Vietnam. The length of the horizontal borehole is 1 037 m, well targeting efficiency is close to 100%.

Two tasks have been achieved under the drilling results:

Main geological uncertainties were eliminated in course of the pilot borehole drilling: structural plans were clarified, gas-water contract location was established, the resource base of the field was defined with more accuracy;
The horizontal well test results have confirmed the efficiency of horizontal completion in similar geologic deposits, high actual flow rate allows assigning this project a commercial status.

This successful approach shall be extended to the other projects of the Company.

For reference
Zarubezhneft is a contractor under this project, it funds 100% of the works being carried out.
JV Vietsovpetro is the operator of this project.