Good morning. Dorie Greenspan’s back! She’s been off skylarking around Paris, working on books, being fantastic, but now she’s returned to the pages of The Times with a perfect recipe for your weekend kitchen workshop, a tumbly-jumbly strawberry tart (above). As she wrote in a column for us, it’s a treat she’s been making every summer, all summer, for roughly the past 15 years. Now it can be yours.

So there’s that tart to make, and perhaps you can serve it on Sunday as a nod to Bastille Day. For dinner to go with it, leeks vinaigrette and a simple poulet rôti.

I’m just back from a restaurant jaunt to Mystic, Conn., where I ate joyously but not very well, with a lot of fried things — fish, squid, an egg roll stuffed with cheesesteak — that left me a little rattled and out of sorts. So among other things this weekend, I’d like to knock down Melissa Clark’s recipe for the ultimate veggie burger. (To start and finish that escapade, I’d prepare a few numbers out of this massive collection of recipes for days when it is very hot.)

Or, if I get the side-eye from the family on the subject of a plant-based burger, I might try on this delightful recipe from Colu Henry, for linguine with tuna, arugula, capers and plenty of red-pepper flakes, a kind of tomato-free puttanesca.

Maybe cold pork rice noodles with cucumbers and peanuts instead? A Lucali salad and a loaf of sesame bread? Tofu and sweet potatoes? If you’re playing small-ball this weekend and don’t have a full house, you can cut that recipe down easy and make it in a toaster oven, so good.

On the other hand, maybe the cousins are coming, and you can make only so many hot dogs and buckets of fried chicken. For them, you might double this recipe for chicken enchiladas. Or dive into this instruction for an Australian-Greek platter of pork gyros.

And then for dessert? Sour cream ice cream with a brown sugar and strawberry swirl. That might go nicely with Dorie’s tart, come to think of it.

Thousands and thousands more recipes to cook this weekend await your attention on NYT Cooking, though you do need a subscription to access them. I hope you’ll take one out this weekend at long last, if you haven’t already. Thanks for your attention either way.

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Now, life’s not just entrees and desserts. I think you ought to read Martin Clark’s “The Substitution Order” this weekend. And listen to a whole bunch of Cat Power, starting with “Cross Bones Style.” Howard W. French on Africa, in The New York Review of Books? Of course you should read that, too.

Finally, in case you missed it, do spend some time with Ilana Kaplan’s look back in The Times at “American Pie” at 20, and that notorious scene with, er, the pie. It’s delightful. See you on Sunday.