According to the results of the corporate contest “Best filling stations of OOO Tatneft-AZS Center branches for 2017” AZS-24 of the Almetyevsk branch located at 13,Avtodorozhnaya Street, Zainsk, has been recognized as the winner. The second place was awarded to AZS-507 of the Kazan branch located at the Territory of Technopolis “Himgrad”, 100, Vosstaniya Street Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan), while the third place was divided between MAZS-76 (multi-fuel filling station) of the Chelny branch located at (Akhtubinskaya Street, Nizhnekamsk) and MAZS-1 of the Chuvash branch located at 14, Vurnarskoye Shosse, Cheboksary.

The reconstructed filling station No. 24 has become not just a place where car enthusiasts refuel their cars, but also to a certain extent turned into the attraction sight of the small Zainsk town.

Fuel dispensers were revamped at filling station-24. Presently, the rate of gasoline and diesel loading of has increased, thus the filling station is capable of servicing a greater number of customers in the rush hours. All equipment is of domestic production purchased in the frame of the procurement efficiency improving program adopted by the Company.

In accordance with the long-term program of increasing the efficiency of the TATNEFT’s retail sales network there were visual and innovations introduced here.

The visitors enjoy the excellent interior decoration of the filling station with a special coating of glass walls: from the outside you can see the image of national pastries, stylized to the Company’s colors, however there is nothing inside preventing people from watching the renovated bridge over the railway tracks.

It is worth mentioning the assortment of goods as a separate point. The customers are not only offered high quality, meeting all standards fuel, but also a wide range of related products and services: from inflation of tires to a cafeteria and a child’s corner. There is everything a motorist needs on sale at the filling station: oils, coolants, repair kits and more.