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Welcome to «The Perfect,»’s roundup of all the elements needed for a perfectly outfitted and executed fill-in-the-blank.

Even people with the very best gift-giving intentions can lose track of time and suddenly realize online shopping is no longer an option. If you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place, don’t bypass the lifeboat conveniently docked within swimming distance: the shopping mall. Here, some favorites we’d be happy to unwrap.

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1 From Banana Republic


A zip-up is clutch, truly, in about 101 situations. It can be carried on its own, slid into a purse, or used to organize travel accessories. In other words, it’s the perfect present. 

2 From Macy’s

Benefit Cosmetics


There’s a reason pint-sized beauty samples sleekly packaged together always pop up this time of year: They’re awesome.  The right mix of universal products guarantees it will all get used.

3 From LOFT


A fuzzy, tri-color scarf is doubly smart. Not only does it help ward off winter chills, it punches above its weight class when it comes to adding major style.

4 From J.Crew


In the world of loungewear, a classic set of pajamas with contrasting piping is always in style (and natural fibers, like cotton, are infinitely more comfortable than synthetic blends). 

5 From Ann Taylor

Ann Taylor


A sophisticated barrette looks expensive and, as an MVP on bad-hair days, is the sort of gift someone will fall more and more in love with.

6 From Gap


You can never have too many bags. Treat someone to a slightly less practical pick that will be sure to delight, fuzzy faux fur included.

7 From Claire’s


Because, honestly, think about it: You 100 percent know someone who goes extra extra on dress-up occasions like birthdays and New Year’s Eve, and nothing exceeds like excess. 

8 From Forever21


Given tongue-in-cheek or with all seriousness, a witty mug is the kind of useful gift that never hurts.

9 From H&M



Whether someone’s makeup bag stays at home or is always on the go, there’s nothing to lose by opting for a shade that sparks joy.

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