It happens that cream works wonders for your friend’s skin, but it does not suit you at all. Itching, redness, acne – what signs most likely indicate that it’s time to throw out the cream (even the most beloved, good-smelling, and expensive cream)? It also happens that after pregnancy or other hormonal changes, the skin reacts poorly to a cream that used to be suitable. Today you will learn how to tell if a skin product is wrong for you.

You feel severe itching and burning

Of course, there is salicylic acid and alcohol, which by definition cause a short-term burning sensation, but if we are not talking about anti-inflammatory components, the cream should not cause such a reaction. Most likely, itching indicates an allergy – this is a good reason to consult a doctor and analyze which substance caused such harm. Most often, organic matter causes allergies: the more natural ingredients the composition contains, the higher the risk of getting a negative reaction from the body will be.

Cream causes redness

If you have normal skin, redness is the reason to think whether all cosmetic products are suitable for you. But if you have sensitive skin or have rosacea, the care product should really be chosen carefully. You cannot ignore reddening on your face. We can advise you to look for a remedy that suits you among those that contain soothing ingredients (thermal water, aloe vera, vitamin E, lavender).

The skin is constantly peeling off

If you do not peel your skin 1-2 times a week, the skin will do it without your participation and will try to get rid of dead cells on its own. In case of constant peeling, the cream clearly fails to suit your skin type. Another important point is whether “flaking” appears exclusively on the eyebrows and near the eyes. If it does, we are most likely talking about seborrheic dermatitis. You will not overcome it with a simple refusal of the cream, it is advisable to visit a specialist.

You have acne and pustules

The sudden onset of acne can have many reasons. You can check whether your cream is to blame for malicious intent only by canceling it for 2-3 weeks. During this period, the skin will either clear up (which means that the remedy is to blame), or the inflammation will not decrease. This is already a reason to see a dermatologist.

After the cream, the effect of tightness appears

Tightened skin hints at the imbalanced skin pH balance. If the product does not mention such effects, you should abandon using it.

The skin has become more oily

With dry skin, the difference is easier to notice: if it suddenly becomes oily, the remedy is not yours. People with oily skin should notice that there is much more gloss on the face. By the way, they (in order to avoid an unpleasant effect) should buy light creams or gels. We wrote here about what to do if the remedy does not suit you, but it hurts to throw it away.