TATNEFT Company completed the scheduled overhaul of the JSC TANECO’s oil refinery. Repair operations at the process units took place from April 15 to May 14. Start up and commissioning works were underway from May 15 to put all JSC TANECO’s production facilities into operation in the design parameters technological mode.

Fulfillment of this task became possible thanks to thorough preparation for the repair campaign, as well as the well-coordinated and professional work of the management and professionals of PJSC TATNEFT, JSC TANECO, and contractors.

A whole complex of measures was implemented during the repair period, aimed at ensuring the long-term, safe and reliable operation of the equipment of the Oil Refining and Petrochemical Plants complex. In particular, a technical survey of 1,218 pipelines and 604 vessels was carried out. Hydromechanical and hydro-jet cleaning of 17.47 km of tubular oven coils and transfer lines was performed,  as well as reloading of 854 tons of catalyst at the hydrogen, sulfur and hydrocracking installations, verification of measuring instruments, replacement of furnace air heaters, vacuum tower head set of refinery – CDU/VDU -7.

164 tap-in operations to the existing pipelines had been made, which would allow starting the operation of the future construction stage installations, including CDU/VDU-6, as well as the kerosene and diesel fuel hydrotreatment units, without any additional shutdown. The works were carried out in terms of introducing the necessary changes in the configurations of process control system, communication systems for technological installations, taking into account the future commissioning of new facilities and ensuring the overall information security of the enterprise.

Technical re-equipment of the railway trestle for the JSC TANECO’s oil products loading was carried out during the overhaul period, which made it it possible to ensure environmentally safe filling of petroleum products in the automated mode with the required rate. Also, the main volumes of construction and installation work had been completed at the truck platform for oil products loading, as part of the technical re-equipment.

A total of 1,539 employees of contracting organizations, all production personnel of the refinery, services of the deputy general director for technical support and quality, and 560 employees of the deputy general director for maintenance and engineering took part in the overhaul. The work was organized around the clock. Great attention was paid to issues of industrial, fire and environmental safety.

The activities carried out during the overhaul period would significantly improve the operating efficiency of the existing installations. The company’s plans provide for reaching a five-year run life.

Despite the complete shutdown of production, all the filling stations of TATNEFT Company were provided with high-quality diesel fuel and airports with aviation kerosene produced by JSC TANECO