Earlier Poland’s PGNiG said the company wants the European Commission to fine Gazprom over violation of the anti-trust legislation

Poland’s PGNiG will propose the European Commission to oblige Russian gas giant Gazprom to sell its stakes in the gas storage facilities and pipelines in Europe, head of the Polish company Piotr Wozniak told a press conference on Thursday.

He gave a press conference after his company had requested conducting an antitrust investigation against Gazprom.

“Another condition is that Gazprom should sell shares in some of the companies, which own the infrastructure for storage and transit of gas in the EU,” he said.

Wozniak also demanded that the time of using the capacities of the Nord Stream pipeline by Gazprom should be reduced to five years. He also suggested that “the crimes” of Gazprom should be counted starting from 2004.