Indian Cuisine for People Who Love Spices

Adda Indian Canteen in Long Island City, Queens, ranges around India for less recognizable recipes. Even the better-known dishes, though, aren’t quite like the versions many New Yorkers know. Adda’s take on tandoori chicken is a small poussin roasted whole inside the tandoor.

Johnny Depp Is NOT Best Friends With This Lizard, Despite Report

Gossip Cop exists to debunk celebrity rumors. It claims to surveil “more than 200 websites, TV shows, newspapers and magazines” for inaccuracies. Since 2009, the site’s unmistakably urgent headlines — “Jennifer Aniston Did NOT ‘Flee To Italy’ Amid Brad Pitt Reunion Rumors, Despite Report”; “George Clooney, Amal ‘Divorce’ Claim Is Late And Wrong”; “Selena Gomez…


Medical News Today: Suicide: Study finds 4 genes that may raise risk

New research finds four genetic variants that may raise the risk of dying by suicide, regardless of environmental factors. The study also identifies hundreds of other genes that require further analysis and that may also raise the likelihood that a person dies by suicide. Middle-aged men are at a higher risk of dying by suicide.…


Pregnancy trimesters: A guide

The typical pregnancy has three trimesters and lasts around 40 weeks from the first day of a woman’s last period. In each trimester, the fetus will meet specific developmental milestones. While 40 weeks is the usual time frame, a full-term baby can be born as early as 37 weeks and as late as 42 weeks.…


Making Jewelry, She Realized She’d Never Been Happier

NAME Zena Haddad AGE 45 HOMETOWN Beirut, Lebanon, where Ms. Haddad lived for the first three months of her life, and Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, where she grew up until she left for a British boarding school at the age of 9. NOW LIVES In the Mayfair neighborhood of London. BACKGROUND Ms. Haddad took…


A Conversation With: Steven Pinker Thinks the Future Is Looking Bright

Steven Pinker, a cognitive psychologist at Harvard, has been known to take provocative positions. He has argued that women are intrinsically different from men, that we are more driven by our genes than academics like to acknowledge, and that society is getting less violent over time — despite the mass shootings and other atrocities we…


11 THINGS We’d Really like to know: How Can We Unleash the Immune System?

Cancer has an insidious talent for evading the natural defenses that should destroy it. What if we could find ways to help the immune system fight back? It has begun to happen. The growing field of immunotherapy is profoundly changing cancer treatment and has rescued many people with advanced malignancies that not long ago would…