Overlooked No More: Rose Morgan, a Pioneer in Hairdressing and Harlem

Overlooked is a series of obituaries about remarkable people whose deaths, beginning in 1851, went unreported in The Times. By Nichelle Gainer Rose Morgan and her friend Oletha White were driving from Chicago to New York in White’s brand-new 1938 Ford when they began crossing the George Washington Bridge. Morgan looked up and saw the…


Very Low Cholesterol May Increase Stroke Risk

Having extremely low cholesterol may increase the risk for stroke, a new study suggests. Researchers found that very low LDL, or “bad” cholesterol, and very low triglycerides are associated with an increased risk for hemorrhagic stroke, the type caused by a ruptured blood vessel in the brain. For the report, in Neurology, researchers reviewed data…


Jean-Louis David, French Hairstylist for the Modern Woman, Dies at 85

Jean-Louis David, the influential French hairdresser who created looks for women that emphasized practicality as well as style, and who founded a worldwide chain of salons that bear his name, died on April 3 at his home in Épalinges, Switzerland, a suburb of Lausanne. He was 85. His son Jean-Christophe David said the cause was…


Medical News Today: How to stay healthy with a weak immune system

Most of the time, the immune system protects the body from infection. However, some people have a weak immune system that may make them prone to frequent infections. White blood cells, antibodies, and other components, including organs and lymph nodes, make up the body’s immune system. Many disorders can weaken the immune system and cause…


What can cause pain under the right breast?

While pain under the right breast is rarely a cause for concern, it can sometimes indicate an underlying condition. Some possible causes of this pain include injuries, infections, muscle strain, inflammation, and gastrointestinal issues. A strain or injury are common causes of pain under the right breast, and the pain usually gets better on its…


Skin Deep: The Rise of G-Beauty

Image The next stop on the international beauty tour: Germany.CreditRyan Jenq for The New York Times K-Beauty got us hooked on Korean BB Creams and jelly cleansers. J-Beauty convinced us of the benefits of Japanese essences and sake ingredients. Probably we were bound to grab our beauty passports and move on to another country. And…


15 Father’s Day Gifts That First Time Dads Will Be Grateful For

Being a first time dad is a terrifying time, but at least now they can officially wear a Dad Hat. For their first Father’s Day, help him battle fatigue with an indestructible mug, make him feel seen with Michael Chabon, and more. Shop our edit of 15 useful gifts, here.