A Relationship Built on Family and Faith

Sharon Lee Bush and Robert Charles Murray were married Nov. 30 at Central Presbyterian Church in Manhattan. The Rev. Ed Sirya, a Presbyterian minister, officiated, with the televangelist Joel Osteen, of the Lakewood Church in Houston, taking part. The bride, 67, is the senior development officer at Cristo Rey Brooklyn, a Catholic high school. She…


Constipation in breastfeeding babies: What to know

Constipation is uncommon in infancy, particularly in breastfed babies, but it can happen. Breastfed babies tend to have fewer episodes of constipation and diarrhea than formula-fed babies because breast milk is easier than formula to digest. In older children, constipation is common and accounts for about 3% of visits to pediatric outpatient clinics and up…


Medical News Today: Vitamins and supplements for athletes

If you buy something through a link on this page, we may earn a small commission. How this works. A balanced diet and healthful lifestyle that includes enough sleep should be sufficient to give most people the energy that they need for their daily activities. However, athletes push their bodies to peak performance, so these…


Medical News Today: Tips for healing a sprained ankle fast

Share on PinterestA temporary bandage can help support the joint and prevent it from moving. Anyone who thinks that they have sprained an ankle should receive first aid. Avoid putting any weight on the ankle, as this increases the risk of broken bones and other injuries. Sit in a comfortable position, with the ankle elevated…


Black Friday 2019: What You Need to Know

In the age of e-commerce, Black Friday can feel like an anachronism. But don’t be fooled. The Friday after Thanksgiving remains enormously important — at least symbolically — to the retail industry. And millions of shoppers will still be out in stores, working off that turkey and stuffing by racing to find the best deals.…


Love Letter: Do Labels Even Matter?

The loss of a loved one can put a strain on small talk. In this week’s Modern Love essay, writer Laura Zigman shares how the death of her sister and estrangement from her husband’s daughter leads to complicated family math: Do you stop counting someone once they’re gone or keep counting them forever? And, if…


From the Hospital to an Old Navy: Thanksgiving at Work

For many Americans, Thanksgiving is synonymous with domestic leisure — turkey roasting in the oven, football on TV, family gathered around the dining table. But across the United States, millions of people spend at least part of the holiday at work — doctors, firefighters, police officers, reporters, waiters, cashiers, gas-station attendants, concession-stand operators, professional athletes. The…


Cook It Fast, Cook It Slow

Hi and welcome to Five Weeknight Dishes. I know some people feel like they never want to eat again after Thanksgiving. That, frankly, has not been my experience. I love a next-day turkey sandwich with cranberry sauce. Leftover stuffing is a perfect food. Once, even though I had half a pie left on the counter,…


Nordstrom’s Black Friday Sale Will Distract You From Family Drama

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The Best Leftovers Recipes

Good morning. The adrenaline wore off at about the same time the turkey kicked in yesterday, and then there was a long walk in the cold before a glass of bourbon and a slice of pie. Cued up “The Paper” on the big screen in the den and was asleep before Michael Keaton arrives at…