Are You Being Kind to Your Butt?

Butt skin care is definitely a thing now. The same way facial beauty routines have expanded to include cleansers, toners, serums, creams and masks, beauty brands have started releasing products specially tailored to your booty. There are now sheet masks for your rear end, along with special moisturizers, exfoliating scrubs, serums, and oils. And if…


Which Health Policies Actually Work? We Rarely Find Out

A few years ago, Oregon found itself in a position that you’d think would be more commonplace: It was able to evaluate the impact of a substantial, expensive health policy change. In a collaboration by the state and researchers, Medicaid coverage was randomly extended to some low-income adults and not to others, and researchers have…


Walking on Eggshells in Medical Schools

I trained to be a doctor in the bad old days — not the worst old days, but the bad old days. Humiliation was part of the deal, sometimes deliberately inflicted by certain grandstanding, sadistic attending physicians, sometimes more casually, because everyone could see that you didn’t know something you should have known. Now we…


The Challenge of Identifying Sjogren’s Syndrome

Angelica Divinagracia, a 54-year-old fitness instructor in Los Angeles, woke one morning with her tongue literally stuck to the roof of her mouth. Though she normally drank lots of water, especially after strenuous workouts with clients, she thought her chronically dry mouth was due to dehydration. That is, until an even more troublesome symptom —…


Japanese Golf Resorts Look to Foreigners to Sustain Growth

RUSUTSU, Japan — As a Japanese couple teed off on a sweltering summer morning here in Rusutsu, a mountainous village in northern Japan, construction workers were building a new luxury condominium complex overlooking the fairways and ski slopes in the distance. When it opens in December 2020, the 10-story complex, the Vale Rusutsu, will have…


Jazz Age Glamour, a Sequin Polo Bear, and Janelle Monáe at Ralph Lauren

As more designers decamp to Paris or forgo shows and presentations all together, there’s general feeling among editors that New York Fashion Week has lost its luster. Ralph Lauren seems determined to change that. Last September, the designer presented his 50th anniversary collection over a lavish dinner and takeover of Central Park’s Bethesda Terrace. For…


Janelle Monáe With a Side of Tuxedo Dressing

On Saturday night in Manhattan, Ralph Lauren took over the Bank of New York building, a 1920s edifice on Wall Street just across from Cipriani and cater-corner to the stock exchange, transformed in 2015 from financial headquarters to cavernous event space. And inside he built a nightclub. There were soaring Art Deco columns framing enormous…


Kendall Jenner on Overcoming Her Runway Anxiety and Scorpio Style

I just talked to Kendall Jenner, and now I want to call my therapist. It’s mostly because she’s flawless and I’m having a nothing-to-wear, nobody-to-love moment, complete with torn jeans and a skin freakout. «I need Proactiv!» I laugh. «I’ll send you some!» she vows, because, besides being poreless, she is nice, and again, I…


Watch Zendaya and Tommy Hilfiger’s TommyNow Tommy X Zendaya Show Live


Courtesy of Tommy Hilfiger

TOMMYNOW will present Tommy X Zendaya live at the Apollo Theater in Harlem on Sunday, September 8 at 8:30pm EST. Catch its fashion week showing and, relive the action, below.