Browsing: 6 New York Jewelers to Know

The holidays are coming, and so-called engagement season is fast approaching. Little wonder, then, that jewelry is on the brain. For the city’s stellar local jewelers, of course, jewelry is top of mind year-round. And now we finally have a proper way to celebrate them: New York City Jewelry Week, which kicks off Nov. 12…


Unbuttoned: The Congressional Uniform Is About to Change

Thus does the old political camouflage erode — slowly, but with visible results. On Tuesday night (and for some, Wednesday morning), as the election results rolled in and candidates gave their victory or concession speeches, the way that many of them chose to present themselves in that moment was as clear a message about how…


Everlane’s Perfect Skinny Jeans are On Sale for $50

You’re standing in your underwear in a poorly lit fitting room at your local mall, the smell of Auntie Anne’s wafting through the air. Strewn around your feet are half a dozen pairs of jeans turned inside out. The struggle to find a pair that fit is an emotionally draining experience: either they gave you…


21 Gifts For the BFF Who DMs You the Best Memes

She DMs the best memes, introduced you to oat milk, and was there on nights you’ll never forget (and some you wish you could). In short: She’s the best, and deserves the best too. Gift your BFF something she will love with our gift guide for every kind of friend, here.

Critic’s Notebook: Wes Anderson, Curator? The Filmmaker Gives It a Try

VIENNA — Wes Anderson looked tired. The filmmaker was wearing a red blazer and a striped tie, standing beneath the elaborate 19th-century cupola of the Kunsthistorisches Museum. His partner, the author and designer Juman Malouf, was by his side. Dozens of friends — the actors Tilda Swinton and Jason Schwartzman; the filmmaker Jake Paltrow; and…


Medical News Today: How does rheumatoid arthritis feel?

Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disorder that causes inflammation in the body and principally affects the joints. It can lead to many painful symptoms. Doctors classify rheumatoid arthritis (RA) as a systemic condition because it can affect the whole body. Without effective treatment, it can be progressive, meaning that it may get worse over time.…


What to Cook: A Shakshuka for Tonight

Good morning. Yesterday led into a long night for newspaper peopleand all those who bird-dog the mood of the nation and the actions of its electorate. Today, pundits will try to tell us what happened and why it matters or doesn’t. Wherever you stand on the political spectrum, it may leave you more exhausted still.…