Colorectal cancer burden shifting to younger individuals

March 5, 2020—ATLANTA— The burden of colorectal cancer is swiftly shifting to younger individuals as incidence increases in young adults and declines in older age groups, according to the latest edition of Colorectal Cancer Statistics 2020, a publication of the American Cancer Society. A sign of the shift: the median age of diagnosis has dropped…


Trojan horse for tumor cells

Can phagocytes act like a Trojan horse, transporting tumour cells within themselves and thereby causing metastases in cancer patients? PD Dr. Heiko Bruns at Universitätsklinikum Erlangen, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU), has been accepted to the funding programme ‘Experiment! In search of bold research ideas’ on the basis of this unusual question. He has received funding of…


Coronavirus Testing Offered With Just a Doctor’s Approval, C.D.C. Says

Federal health officials announced on Wednesday that anyone who wants a coronavirus test may get one if a doctor agrees. But the nation’s testing capacity is still so limited that experts feared clinics and hospitals could be overwhelmed by an avalanche of requests. Under the new criteria, patients who have fevers, coughs or difficulty breathing…


China’s Battle Against Coronavirus: 7 Takeaways

In an extensive interview with The New York Times, Dr. Bruce Aylward, of the World Health Organization, described what he learned from close observation of China’s efforts to contain the coronavirus. Here are seven important lessons. Aggressive measures work. New cases have dropped to 200 a day from over 3,000 a day one month ago.…


Criticized for Coronavirus Response, Trump Points to Obama Administration

WASHINGTON — President Trump sought on Wednesday to deflect criticism of his administration’s response to the coronavirus onto his predecessor, complaining that a federal agency decision under President Barack Obama had made it harder to quickly enact widespread testing for the virus. “The Obama administration made a decision on testing that turned out to be…


DoorDash Faces Its Latest Challenge: Wooing Wall Street

SAN FRANCISCO — DoorDash, the leading food delivery app in the United States, has its fans. Hungry people. Busy people. Lazy people. It also has its share of enemies: Regulators who have poked holes in the start-up’s pricing and employment practices. Drivers who sued over their tips. Restaurateurs who complained DoorDash delivered their food without…


The Fashion World, Upended by Coronavirus

PARIS — Twice a year, the luxury fashion houses of the world present their ready-to-wear clothing for the coming season. This creates an international traveling circus of retailers and reporters, high-spending customers and Instagram influencers, executives and a small army of public-relations professionals, many traveling from New York to London to Milan and finally to…


Cruises and the Coronavirus: What Passengers Need to Know

“The first thing I do every morning when I open my eyes is Google ‘coronavirus,’” said Diane Fudge, a travel adviser at All Inclusive Travel Concierge in Homosassa, Fla. Half of Ms. Fudge’s business comes from selling cruise vacations, so she is keeping a close eye on the situation for her clients. She is also…


Nursing Homes Are Starkly Vulnerable to Coronavirus

Over the weekend, a nightmarish scenario unfolded in a Seattle suburb, with the announcement that the coronavirus had struck a nursing home. The outbreak, leaving seven dead and eight others ill through Wednesday morning, exposed the great vulnerability of the nation’s nursing homes and assisted living facilities, and the 2.5 million Americans who live in…


18 Non-Basic Jackets You Can Wear Through Summer


Wool Quilted Workwear Jacket



Bode, designed by fashion wunderkind Emily Adams Bode, is what you wear if you’re really, really cool. Think LES boys who compost, run non-profits and probably own chill lake houses upstate, cool. Her designs are future heirlooms, and she kickstarted our newfound obsession with the patchwork jacket.