The Evolution of Maternity Style


Back in the Middle Ages in Europe, women’s everyday dresses were typically full and forgiving enough to readily double as maternity wear. It wasn’t until the early 14th century, when silhouettes started to follow the female form a bit more, that specific design elements were introduced to make clothing more pregnancy-friendly.

How Insects Cope When Blood Rushes to Their Heads

You wouldn’t think gravity would be a big worry for insects. They’re so small. So light. An ant that fell from a second-floor balcony and landed on its head wouldn’t even get a bruise. Consequently, scientists have not concerned themselves greatly with what gravity does to insects. But a group of scientists who routinely put…


Dumpling Flavor, Stripped Down to Its Essence

A few years ago, I made the Russian baths a regular part of my New York life. The ritual of the schvitz — steaming, sweating and rinsing — are why I go (health!), but if I’m being honest, I also am very much there for the food (pleasure!). I eat there not out of necessity,…


Will Canadians Have to Pay the Security Costs for Harry and Meghan?

MONTREAL — News from Queen Elizabeth II on Monday that Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan, will be living part-time in Canada was greeted with a mix of enthusiasm and concern that Canada could end up faced with a hefty bill for hosting them. Philippe Lagassé, an expert on the monarchy at Carleton University, said…


Smoked Salmon From New Zealand

Connoisseurs and top chefs know Ora King salmon; it’s farm-raised in New Zealand, high quality and approved by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch. The company’s vermilion smoked version, cured over New Zealand’s manuka wood, has a haunting flavor that finishes with a touch of sweetness. Now, in addition to being available by the pound…


How Tiffany Moved 114,000 Gems Without Getting Robbed

Tiffany & Company had millions of dollars’ worth of shining, sparkling jewelry in its famous Fifth Avenue store on Sunday: $4,000 rings that spell the world “love” in small diamonds, $165,000 diamond necklaces, and even a $2.475 million engagement ring that weighs as much as a bullet. Those things had to leave, along with hundreds…


Where Trails Are for Skating, Not Hiking

The wait for my rental car at Montreal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport last February was slow, but the talk was breakaway fast. I joined the line with a National Hockey League scout for the New Jersey Devils on his way to a tournament to look at promising teenage skaters. “Skating is a way of life…