Quarantine and Coronavirus: A How-To Guide

Stay home unless you must see a doctor. No trips to the office or school, no shopping. If you must come out of your room, wear a mask. And don’t share towels. If you are among the thousands of Americans now self-quarantined because of possible infection with the coronavirus, these are a few of the…


How to Remove Your Acrylics or Gels at Home

For many of us, at-home gel removal is unexplored territory. To help you navigate the task, we consulted two nail artists, Brittney Boyce and Lisa Logan, for advice. Here, the right way to remove the four most common types of long-lasting manicure — soft gels, hard gels, acrylics and dip powder nails — quickly and…


Delays and Shortages Exacerbate Coronavirus Testing Gaps in the U.S.

Three weeks ago, Dr. Elaine Cham, a pathologist at a large children’s hospital in California, had a sense that the nation’s coronavirus testing mess was finally getting under control. She could send tests to a lab at Stanford University Medical Center and get the results within a day. When backlogs grew at Stanford, Dr. Cham…


Carmine’s Pizza


Culinary Arts is an occasional illustrated look at what we eat.

Sergio Rossi, Italian Shoemaker and Ready-to-Wear Ally, Dies at 84

This obituary is part of a series about people who have died in the coronavirus pandemic. As a teenager, Sergio Rossi and his brother, the sons of a bespoke shoemaker, would travel up and down the Italian Riviera selling shoes in the years after World War II, as the country was rebuilding. Mr. Rossi fully…


Where Have All the Heart Attacks Gone?

The hospitals are eerily quiet, except for Covid-19. I have heard this sentiment from fellow doctors across the United States and in many other countries. We are all asking: Where are all the patients with heart attacks and stroke? They are missing from our hospitals. Yale New Haven Hospital, where I work, has almost 300…


The Bacon, Egg and Cheese of Pastas

Mondays are always a little hard, self-isolation notwithstanding. But a big bowl of cheesy pasta makes it better. And if you’ve got bacon and a hard, grating-type cheese, then carbonara is within reach. It’s speedy, too. To make enough for three or four people, cook 12 ounces pasta in well-salted water until very al dente.…


Leïla Menchari, Who Turned Store Windows Into Art, Dies at 93

This obituary is part of a series about people who have died in the coronavirus pandemic. Read about others here. For more than a half-century Leïla Menchari transformed the windows of the Hermès flagship store in Paris into exotic worlds that allowed any passer-by, even for just a minute, free access to the fantasies of…


A Rich (Very Rich) History of the Jewish Dairy Restaurant

Early last month, Ben Katchor and I sat in B&H Dairy, a narrow East Village restaurant, eating giant cheese blintzes topped with sour cream and discussing the finer points of their construction. Should they be rolled like an egg roll, or folded like a burrito? Deep-fried or pan-fried? Can you really make them with sliced…