Ham, lamb or pork roasts traditionally take center stage on the Easter table. A classic holiday ham (dotted with maraschino cherries and slices of pineapple, or not) is a guaranteed showstopper. (If you’re looking for even more preparations, here is our How to Cook Ham guide, and don’t forget that you can always repurpose the…


One Final Step for 52 Medical Students, Eager to Join the Fight

Video transcript Back transcript N.Y.U. Students Take Hippocratic Oath On Friday, 52 medical students became doctors two months early so they could help in the fight against the coronavirus in New York. “Congratulations, doctors. Congratulations.” On Friday, 52 medical students became doctors two months early so they could help in the fight against the coronavirus…


An On-the-Nose Easter Bunny

Homemade face masks are chocolate in the hands of Jeff Shepherd, the owner of Lillie Belle Farms, a chocolatier in Central Point, Ore. He’s making Covid Bunnies, wearing masks, and made of solid organic chocolate in milk, dark and white, each standing about four inches tall. They can be shipped to arrive in time for…


Beans, Ready to Eat

Skip the soak. These slow-cooked and seasoned single-serving packages of beans from A Dozen Cousins are shelf-stable and ready to eat. There are three varieties in the new line, all vegan and preservative-free: Cuban black beans have a nice whiff of cumin and when puréed and thinned with stock provide soup; Trinidadian chickpea curry is…


You Can Take Hard Times to Go

Though it’s fittingly called Hard Times, a cocktail available for pickup from Feast restaurant in the East Village, has springtime in its DNA, thanks to rhubarb gin. Logan Rodriguez, the restaurant’s beverage director, uses Collective Arts Rhubarb & Hibiscus Gin. There are other rhubarb gins out there, and absent the rhubarb flavor, other floral gins,…


Racks of Lamb for Celebrations

Lamb for Easter, or just because it’s spring, comes with a bonus from D’Artagnan. With the purchase of three racks, you also get a bottle of fine French olive oil from the property of the French movie star Jean Reno. Cooking a rack of lamb is a no-brainer. You can coat the fat with herbed…


Meet the ‘Orange Wine’ of Vinegars

An uncommon addition to your vinegar collection comes from Sirk in Friuli, a region in northeast Italy. Like traditional balsamic vinegar, Sirk is made from grapes, not wine, the base for many vinegars. But the similarity ends there. Ribolla Gialla white grapes, prized for winemaking in the region, are macerated and slowly allowed to ferment…


Buy Your Favorite Restaurant’s Merch

To gin up much-needed income restaurants are offering souvenir merchandise in addition to food to go. Save Restaurants Collection is a one-stop shopping aggregate for more than a dozen restaurants and restaurant groups, including the Contra Group, Mission Chinese Food, Roberta’s, Russ & Daughters and many more selling T-shirts, hats, books, gift cards and so…


The 12 Best-Reviewed Yoga Pants Since Real Pants are Canceled For Now

Best in Show

Live In High Waist Leggings

Zella nordstrom.com


These leggings have over 6,000 reviews on Nordstrom, so to say they are amazing is an understatement.  «They’re soft, but don’t peel. They’re form fitting but not revealing. I wear them with dresses and boots as well as to yoga class,» raved one commenter.