Marie Kondo Wants to Sell You Nice Things. What’s Wrong With That?

This week, The Wall Street Journal reported that Marie Kondo — the tidying guru, publishing juggernaut and former Shinto shrine maiden — had opened an online store. The response, predictably, has been a collective: “Wait, what?” On Twitter, some users were in baffled awe of the downsizing expert’s pivot to consumption. Others wondered whether Ms.…


In Paris, Eco-Friendly Brands Make a Style Statement

PARIS — Fashion is woven into the modern cultural identity of France’s capital, where tradition and innovation blend together to create some of today’s most recognized styles. As consumers become more conscientious about the origins of their clothing brands, shopping in the classically fashionable city is evolving. The fashion industry produces 20 percent of the…


Thank God for Judy Blume

When I share information in my gynecology and obstetrics practice and on social media, one of the most common responses I get from women is, How did I not know that? And I hear this from women of all ages. Many women have experienced medical gaslighting — having their symptoms dismissed and being told their…


At Kusina Pinoy Bistro, Eating Is a Messy, Happy Business

You can see the calamares gigantes coming from across the room, tall and swaying, a fountaining of deep-fried squid. A skewer, planted vertically, holds it all upright, with the tentacles massed at the top, curling upward and suggesting a wild-haired puppet. This is a street-food snack across Asia, found at night markets in the Philippines,…


Early Menopause Increases Heart Risks

Early menopause, before age 40, may increase the risk for cardiovascular disease. Using a British health database, researchers studied records of 144,260 postmenopausal women, average age around 60. Among them, 4,904, or 3.4 percent, had reached menopause before 40 naturally; 644 had gone into early menopause because they had oophorectomies, or surgical removal of the…


The Fifth Avenue Home of Jayne Wrightsman Goes on the Market

The palatial Upper East Side home of Jayne Wrightsman, a celebrated arts benefactor and grande dame of New York’s high society, is now up for sale, seven months after her death at age 99. The 14-room residence, once filled with priceless paintings and rare books and collectibles, encompasses the third floor of 820 Fifth Avenue…


Good Leaders Make Good Doctors

During our final year of medical training, I would take turns with the other senior residents responding to cardiac arrests in the hospital. We’d spend weeks camped out in the doctor’s lounge, our hearts racing at the prospect of a patient’s heart stopping, bracing for the moment a shrill pager or overhead speaker would signal…


The 25 Best Items to Buy From The Outnet’s Huge Clearance Sale

Bleached High-Rise Straight-Leg Jeans

Golden Goose Deluxe Brand The Outnet


The ’90s called, and they wish they had a bleached jean like this. Style with a white t-shirt, cardigan, and a shearling bucket hat.

When ‘Drinks’ Is the Only Box Left Unchecked

This Thanksgiving you are organized. You’ve got checklists and spreadsheets. Nobody can say you have left things until it’s too late. Except for that one column marked “drinks.” It’s empty. No worries. Even at the last minute, it’s not hard to fill in the blanks. In most states, some wine seller is always open Thanksgiving…


Can Our Lease Weather Unrequited Love?

My best friend (a gay man) confessed to our roommate (a straight man) that he’s been madly in love with him for two years and “always will be.” I expected this to ruin their relationship. But after our roommate explained that he wasn’t interested, everything was fine — until recently. My BFF began pushing boundaries.…