All The Best Fall-Winter 2020 Fashion Campaigns

Despite what 2020 has brought us, fashion designers are promising us the same level of imagination and star power as always. The fall-winter 2020 campaigns have arrived, casting a stoic John Waters in Saint Laurent, Gigi Hadid for Prada, and Irina Shayk in collaboration with Burberry. Click through to see all the season’s best campaigns,…


Cherries Belong in More Than Pie

Last summer, I had a breakthrough that came from the kind of paint-yourself-into-a-corner creative challenge I’ve learned to enjoy as a professional chef. I invited some guests over for dinner one night, only to discover in the late afternoon that one person was a vegan. On my way home from my office job, I picked…


21 Thoughtful Housewarming Gifts For When You Can Actually Visit Friends

Impossible™: The Cookbook: How to Save Our Planet, One Delicious Meal at a Time

Impossible Foods Inc.


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Impossible meat, the plant-based meat substitute, is here to change the way we approach our diets. Challenge your gifteee with the company’s brand new recipe book. 

Next Stop: Marriage

When Sara Ziff, a fashion model and labor activist, boarded a train in Philipstown, N.Y., in June 2019 after a four-day hike along the Appalachian Trail, glamour certainly didn’t get on board with her. “I was thoroughly exhausted and smelly,” said Ms. Ziff, who has been the face of campaigns for designers like Stella McCartney…


Coronavirus Live Updates: C.D.C. Issues New Schools Guidance

Here’s what you need to know: ImageSchool buses in San Francisco, Calf. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has published new guidance two weeks after President Trump criticized its earlier recommendations on school reopenings.Credit…Justin Sullivan/Getty Images A new C.D.C. statement on schools calls for reopening and downplays the potential health risks. The top U.S. public…


Rock Solid, Even in Turbulent Times

Dr. Huy Nguyen hadn’t yet settled his sense of sexual orientation when he and Vincent Quan met in 2013, at the birthday party of a mutual friend in New York. The soiree was at a gay bar, and for Dr. Nguyen, even walking through the door of such a place was a first. He was…


Jason Rodriguez’s Vogue Family Values: Positivity, Trust, Love

Jason Rodriguez is worried. Not for himself — the dancer, actor and choreographer has been doing well during the pandemic. His concern is for those in the L.G.B.T.Q.I.A.+ community, specifically Black trans youth. “They may have found themselves back home and in a space where they can’t be themselves, where families limit their identity,” he…


6 Steps to the Best Barbecued Ribs

Let Texans brag about brisket and Carolinians extol pulled pork shoulder. For the rest of us, the ultimate emblem of barbecue — and test of a grill master’s mettle — is ribs. Picture meaty slabs stung with spice, bronzed with smoke and slathered with sticky sweet barbecue sauce. The meat is tender, but not too…


How a Waiter, With Over 30 Years at the Same Restaurant, Spends His Sundays

John Roney has been a waiter at J.G. Melon, the old-school burger joint on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, since 1986. He has worked through plenty of urban disasters, including Black Monday, Sept. 11 and Hurricane Sandy. But the coronavirus outbreak posed new challenges. “When the pandemic hit, everything was gone,” Mr. Roney said. “While the…


A Four-Ring Ceremony (2 Wooden, 2 Golden)

Christian Willmes surprised Lily Clare McElwee on May 7 with two wooden rings he hand carved from a tree that had fallen near their house during a rainstorm earlier this year in Oxford, England. They were symbols for the date they started dating in 2017 at Oxford College and the date they were supposed to…