Revenge of the Bacteria: Why We’re Losing the War


Bacteria are rebelling. They’re turning the tide against antibiotics by outsmarting our wonder drugs. This video explores the surprising reasons.

Medical News Today: Is the ‘sugar rush’ a myth?

It is common knowledge that consuming a large quantity of sugar can give you a physical and psychological high. A recent analysis concludes that, in fact, the reverse might be true. Does sugar really give us a psychological boost? It will have escaped nobody’s attention that sugar consumption across the United States has skyrocketed. In…


Fresh guidance to fill ‘information vacuum’ on new cannabis products for medicinal use

A clinical review, published today (Saturday 6 April 2019) for the BMJ, provides new interim advice for doctors and clinicians in prescribing cannabis-based products and cannabinoids to treat certain conditions. Since a policy change in November 2018, specialist doctors registered with the General Medical Council (GMC), have been permitted to prescribe new medicines which derive…


Dan Robbins, Who Made Painting as Easy as 1-2-3 (and 4-5-6), Dies at 93

Dan Robbins was no Leonardo da Vinci. But he copied one of the master’s basic techniques and thereby enabled children to grow up believing that they, too, could paint “The Last Supper.” Mr. Robbins, a package designer who died on Monday at 93, helped to conceive what became known as paint by numbers. He copied…


Social LIT: Inside the Insta-Cover Games

Mindless and irresistible as chain letters or online surveys, most internet challenges are like Michael Corleone’s mob in “The Godfather: Part III.” You imagine you’ve given them the slip and they suck you back in. As a rule, I avoid these seductive time traps. Yet there I was recently, scrolling through Instagram for the 10th…


Artists as ‘Creative Problem-Solvers’ at City Agencies

Taja Lindley, a Brooklyn-based interdisciplinary artist and activist, will spend the next year doing an unconventional residency — she’ll be collaborating with the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, working on a project that deals with unequal birth outcomes and maternal mortality for pregnant and parenting black people in the Bronx. Ms.…


Medical News Today: What are the health benefits of beetroot juice?

Beetroot juice may offer a range of health benefits due to its unique combination of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Beetroots, or beets, have risen in popularity now that researchers have identified links between drinking beetroot juice and lowered blood pressure, reduced inflammation, and improved athletic performance. Beetroots have an excellent nutritional profile that includes plenty…


The Latest in Military Strategy: Mindfulness

As commander of the coalition forces in Iraq, Maj. Gen. Walter Piatt juggled ruthless pursuit of enemies and delicate diplomacy with tribal leaders, using a trove of modern weaponry and streams of tech-generated data. But his best decisions, he said, relied on a tool as ancient as it is powerful. Maj. Gen. Piatt often began…


Hailey Baldwin Is the New Face of Levi’s 501

A seminal fashion label teaming up with one of fashion’s It models (who also happens to be married to a mega pop star) makes a lot of sense, especially when said model is Hailey Baldwin Bieber and the brand is none other than Levi’s. Today Levi’s announced Hailey Bieber as the face of its signature…