One Tomato Sauce, Four Weeknight Dinners

The key to a rich, nuanced tomato sauce is time. That’s the one thing most of us don’t have a lot of during the week, but making a large batch of tomato sauce on the weekend, then freezing it in small portions can set you up for success. With this easy five-ingredient tomato sauce in…


To Fight Virus in Prisons, C.D.C. Suggests More Screenings

Jails and prisons are among the most challenging places to control the outbreak of the coronavirus. Similar to cruise ships and nursing homes, detention facilities have crowded living spaces and shared dining areas, as well as communal bathrooms and a lack of space to isolate infected detainees, all of which makes physical distancing practices difficult…


Dolce and Gabbana Fund COVID-19 Research While Celebrating Italian Crafts

Curious little fact: there’s no word in the Italian language for «privacy.» It’s a culture of togetherness that makes Italy and its people so endearing. And while the COVID-19 pandemic has certainly put a stop to the evening passeggiata and large, festive gatherings, Dolce & Gabbana recognizes that the spirit remains, if only a casa.…


20 Leather Jackets To Wear From Now Until Forever

American Idol

Lightweight Cowhide Cafe Racer Jacket



Schott has been making leather goods for over 100 years, and their jackets defined the industry of leather jackets. Their Perfecto jacket—you know, the one made famous by The Ramones—is historic, but we love the pared back cut of the brand’s Cafe Racer, too.

Carolyn Murphy Is Going Live With Ferragamo For Mother’s Day

All too often, we forget to thank our Moms. For Mother’s Day, let’s hit pause on our busy lives and pay homage to the wonderful, wild women who birthed us. In honor of this year’s holiday, Italian heritage brand Ferragamo is honoring mothers in a way that is aligned with the spirit of quarantine: a…


A New Coronavirus Threat to Children

The coronavirus has largely spared children. Most confirmed to be infected have had only mild symptoms. But doctors in Europe and the United States have recently reported a troubling new phenomenon: Some children are becoming seriously ill with symptoms that can involve inflammation in the skin, eyes, blood vessels and heart. The condition, which doctors…


Yoga May Help Ease Migraines

Yoga may help migraine sufferers get some relief, a new study suggests. Medications are the first-line treatment for migraine, but they work for only about half of patients, and many drugs have side effects that make about 10 percent of people stop using them. Researchers in India randomized 114 patients with episodic migraines to one…


Cute Dress. How Many Bells Did You Pay?

This was going to be the year Hannah Basile got her fashion game on. Several eons ago — which is to say, in late winter — Ms. Basile, a fund-raiser for Feeding America, a nonprofit food bank, decided that in 2020 she would wear makeup more often and pay closer attention to TikTok influencers and…


Apple iPhone SE Review: A Superb Smartphone for a Humble Price

Apple’s recently introduced $399 iPhone SE marks a turning point in consumer technology. It’s a smartphone that delivers all the tech that we care about, without making us pay through the nose for it. Many of us have been waiting for this moment. Long ago, the technologies driving TVs and personal computers became so commonplace…


Hoping Llamas Will Become Coronavirus Heroes

Winter is a 4-year-old chocolate-colored llama with spindly legs, ever-so-slightly askew ears and envy-inducing eyelashes. Some scientists hope she might be an important figure in the fight against the novel coronavirus. She is not a superpowered camelid. Winter was simply the lucky llama chosen by researchers in Belgium, where she lives, to participate in a…