Front Burner: The Haggadah for a New Generation

Here’s a very complete Haggadah, the book that contains the texts for the Passover Seder, with the passages in English, Hebrew and transliteration. There are also sections adapted for children. And since the Seder is a meal, you’ll need recipes. There are 11 of them, not so traditional, for a Sephardic haroseth with dried fruit;…


Front Burner: More Carats for the Chocolate Bunny

This Easter bunny may look shy, but it has real presence. A hefty two pounds of dark or milk chocolate is molded to make its solid shape, hand-painted in 24-carat gold leaf. Too heavy for a basket, it deserves to be a centerpiece. Serving it may require a cleaver.

Compartés big-eared bunny, $39.95,

Choose Foods, Not Supplements

Taking dietary supplements will not extend life, researchers report, and taken in large quantities may even be harmful. In a study in the Annals of Internal Medicine, scientists gathered dietary information in repeated in-person interviews with almost 31,000 men and women 20 and older. They also collected data on supplements used over the previous 30…


Times Insider: Candida Auris: The Fungus Nobody Wants to Talk About

Times Insider explains who we are and what we do, and delivers behind-the-scenes insights into how our journalism comes together. In 30 years, I’ve never faced so tough a reporting challenge — and one so unexpected. Who wouldn’t want to talk about a fungus? Last year, I began spade work on a series of articles…


A Remarkable Rail Journey Into the Horn of Africa’s Past, and Future

We were around 30 miles shy of Dire Dawa, Ethiopia, when the train hit a cow, its impact signaled by an abrupt drop in speed and a sharp judder rippling through the couplings. “What’s happening?” I asked the carriage attendant, as she hurried along the aisle. “No problem,” she replied brightly, without breaking stride. “A…


Let There Be Light, but Let’s Make Sure It’s Good Light

Have you ever left the house thinking you looked O.K., only to discover you looked dreadful in a dressing room at a clothing store? Does the way you look in the bathrooms of some hotel rooms make you feel out of sorts while out of town? Are you unsettled by your reflection in airplane lavatories?…


Front Burner: Carrot Cocktails for the Easter Bunny

A cocktail for Easter and beyond, for brunch or dinner, is on the menu at David Burke Tavern on the Upper East Side. Called What’s Up Doc, it was created by Mr. Burke’s son Connor, who’s making a career in the restaurant business. What anchors this bright, alluring drink to the occasion is the carrot…


Solid & Striped Adds Bags and Clothes to Their Mix

Courtesy of Brand Since launching in 2012, Solid & Striped has gone from an all menswear new comer to Instagram It-Girl and celebrity-approved favorite, in part thanks to their beloved one-piece suits. Now, the brand is claiming an even larger spot in your warm weather wardrobe with the launch of clothing and bags, on sale…


‘The Wedding of the Century,’ With Kate Moss and Bette Midler

Image Char Defrancesco, left, and Marc Jacobs arrive to The Grill and The Pool on April 6.CreditJames Devaney/GC Images It was a fairy-tale wedding with an unconventional cast: Marc Jacobs, the New York designer, and his betrothed, Charly “Char” Defrancesco, a modern-day chandler with the build of a modern-day goliath, danced the night away in…