COVID-19 triggers innovative healthcare collaboration, yet liver care suffers setbacks

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Viral infection: Early indicators of vaccine efficacy

Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (LMU) in Munich researchers have shown that a specific class of immune cells in the blood induced by vaccination is an earlier indicator of vaccine efficacy than conventional tests for neutralizing antibodies. The current coronavirus pandemic, together with episodic outbreaks of infections caused by other pathogenic viruses, represent a growing threat to societies around…


The dreaming brain tunes out the outside world

Scientists from the CNRS and the ENS-PSL in France (1) and Monash University in Australia have shown that the brain suppresses information from the outside world, such as the sound of a conversation, during the sleep phase linked to dreaming. This ability could be one of the protective mechanisms of dreams. The study, carried out…


How do plants forget?

The study now published in Nature Cell Biology reveals more information on the capacity of plants, identified as ‘epigenetic memory,’ which allows recording important information to, for example, remember prolonged cold in the winter to ensure they flower at the right time during the spring. As soon as they produce seeds, this information is «erased»…


Blood clotting abnormalities reveal COVID-19 patients at risk for thrombotic events

CHICAGO (May 15, 2020): When researchers from the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus, Aurora, used a combination of two specific blood-clotting tests, they found critically ill patients infected with Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) who were at high risk for developing renal failure, venous blood clots, and other complications associated with blood clots, such as…


Damon Runyon announces recipients of Physician-Scientist Training Award

New York, NY (May 15, 2020) The Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation has named five physicians with novel approaches to fighting cancer as Damon Runyon Physician-Scientists. A scientific committee comprised of leading cancer researchers who are physician-scientists themselves has selected the awardees through a highly competitive and rigorous process. Recipients of this award are brilliant…


COVID-19 trial finder provides simplified search process for COVID-related clinical trials

Researchers at Columbia University have developed COVID-19 Trial Finder, a simplified method for patients, clinicians and healthy volunteers to search for appropriate COVID-related clinical trials in their general location. This system also allows potential candidates to pre-screen their eligibility for such trials through a set of short medical questions. There are currently more than 1500…