The Met Gala Has Been Postponed ‘Indefinitely’

ImageAnna Wintour at the 2017 Met Gala.Credit…Benjamin Norman for The New York Times The Met Gala, the buzziest fashion-society-politics-celebrity gathering of the year, just ran out of time. On Monday, the museum announced that in order to avoid gatherings of 50 people or more, as per health guidance around the outbreak of the new coronavirus,…


Trial of Coronavirus Vaccine Made by Moderna Begins in Seattle

The first testing in humans of an experimental vaccine for the new coronavirus began on Monday, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases announced. The main goal of this first set of tests is to find out if the potential vaccine is safe. If it is, later study will determine how well it works.…


How Long Will the Coronavirus Outbreak and Shutdown Last?

At a news conference on Thursday, President Trump addressed the question of the hour: How long will it take for things to go back to normal? “People are talking about July, August,” he said. But that inquiry, many doctors and scientists say, is the wrong question. “We need to change the conversation from: ‘How inconvenient…


France’s Bistros Close, in a Frenzy of Donated Cheese and Pâté

PARIS — Xavier Denamur is used to bustling between the five popular bistros he owns in the Marais neighborhood of central Paris, managing a team of nearly 70 waiters and chefs and keeping tabs on the phalanx of patrons who crowd his tables, elbow-to-elbow, year round. But on Monday, Mr. Denamur, 57, was scrambling to…


This Gratin Lets Swiss Chard Do the Talking

LONDON — I am routinely asked to explain how a certain dish came about: What was the process that made me combine this particular set of ingredients in that particular way? The truth is, more often than not, I don’t have an answer. I simply don’t know. The temptation in such cases is to try…


It’s No Crime to Drink Wine by Yourself

In short order, the world has changed, and so has the thinking about public gatherings. Parties have been postponed. Restaurants have closed, and we have had to reconsider such commonplace activities as gathering with our friends. Under orders to socially distance ourselves, isolate and even self-quarantine, communal activities cannot be taken for granted. And what’s…


Starbucks Goes From Sip and Stay to Grab and Go

There was a new sign affixed to Starbucks doors across the United States on Monday. “We have temporarily closed our seating area, but we remain open to serve you,” it said. “Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience.” The floor was unusually empty at one location in Upper Manhattan, with tables and chairs stacked near…


The Evolution of Bridal Style Through the Years


Brides in the early 1940s were married during the war effort, so their outfits reflected the time’s austerity. Women typically donned formal pieces that they already owned. When Ava Gardner married her first husband, Mickey Rooney, she wore a grey suit, black veil, and a white ribbon corsage pinned to her lapel.

Sausages, Now With Less Meat

After leaving Ovenly, the bakery she helped to found, Erin Patinkin teamed up with Cara Nicoletti, a butcher, and Ariel Hauptman, who was at Greyston Bakery, to create Seemore Meats & Veggies, a food company with a line of vegetable-forward sausages as its first product. These are not 100 percent plant-based meat substitutes; vegetables like…


Mustards From the North

Brassica Mustard — a homegrown Calgary, Alberta, company that started as a way to give mustards to friends and family — began selling the condiment commercially in 2001. Now, for the first time, its excellent whole-grain mustards have become available in the United States. In addition to plain mustard, there are flavors that lend interesting…