Healthy lifestyle may offset genetic risk of dementia

Living a healthy lifestyle may help offset a person’s genetic risk of dementia, according to new research. The study was led by the University of Exeter — simultaneously published today in JAMA and presented at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference 2019 in Los Angeles. The research found that the risk of dementia was 32 per…


Infanticide by mammalian mothers

IMAGE: Female meerkats kill the offspring of their competitors to gain advantages for themselves and their own offspring, even if the victims are the children of their own sisters or daughters. view more  In previous studies, males have been found to kill when females will not mate with them if they are still caring for an…


Study gives insight into sun-induced DNA damage and cell repair

IMAGE: Baylor University biochemist Jung-Hyun Min, Ph.D., led a study that provides better understanding of how sunlight-induced DNA damage is initially recognized for repair in cells view more  Credit: Robert Rogers/Baylor University A team led by a Baylor University researcher has published a breakthrough article that provides a better understanding of the dynamic process by which…


Lulu Fogarty, Jason Prover

Lulu Fogarty and Jason Prover were married July 12 at Judson Memorial Church in Manhattan. Michael Horn, a Universal Life minister and a friend of the groom, officiated incorporating Jewish elements in the ceremony. Ms. Fogarty, 32, who is pursuing a master’s degree in educational theater at City College, was a poetry and acting teacher…


Urinary Tract Infections Affect Millions. The Cures Are Faltering.

For generations, urinary tract infections, one of the world’s most common ailments, have been easily and quickly cured with a simple course of antibiotics. But there is growing evidence that the infections, which afflict millions of Americans a year, mostly women, are increasingly resistant to these medicines, turning a once-routine diagnosis into one that is…


What You Need to Know About Resistant Urinary Tract Infections

Urinary tract infections, or U.T.I.s, are one of the world’s most common infections. Increasingly, they also are resistant to major drug treatments. Here’s what you should know. Urinary Tract Infections Affect Millions. The Cures Are Faltering. As the infections become increasingly resistant to antibiotics, some standard treatments no longer work for an ailment that was…


Our 47 Best Summery Pastas

We love a warm-weather pasta dinner. Make Melissa Clark’s pasta with burst cherry tomatoes (above), one-pot pasta with ricotta and lemon, or fettuccine with zucchini. Click the collection below for more recipes.