Where Doulas Calm Nerves and Bridge Cultures During Childbirth

HALMSTAD, Sweden — Maria Hussein, who escaped the war in Syria, was many hours into labor in a Swedish hospital when the midwife realized her fetus was in distress, and called in an obstetrician to help. The doctor began giving Ms. Hussein instructions and reassurance in Swedish. Oksana Kornienko, who works as a doula culture…


The Best Romantic Valentine’s Day Gifts for Under $30

Passport to (Fill in the Blank)

Au Revoir Passport Holder anthropologie.com


You might not have the cash to whisk them off to Paris, but studies claim just planning a vacay improves happiness. You guys can save up for the City of Light together. 

How National Parks and Museums Are Affected by the Shutdown

For the last month, Marci T. House has had the perfect plan for the first week of the year: She would spend it in Washington’s museums and galleries, with her wife beside her. The first day was to be spent in the National Museum of African-American History and Culture; the second day at the National…


POWER MOVES: How to Hold Healthy Grudges

Have you ever held a grudge for years? (Unrelated but are you a Scorpio by any chance?) Grudges can be good, actually, and we should hold onto some of them, like petty Tamagotchis in our emotional pocket. We don’t often associate the holding of grudges with virtuous people, but 2019 is a new year, new…


domains: Super-Sorter Marie Kondo Now Has a Reality Show

Image At the Akiyamas, Marie Kondo dispenses benedictions, not judgments. Can you treat your belongings with respect? Can you be mindful of each other’s weird objects and habits? CreditDenise Crew/Netflix Entropy, that unpleasant byproduct of consumerism, has been a subject of reality TV almost since that genre’s genesis. From “Clean House” to “Hoarders: Buried Alive,”…


E: Excess Weight Contributes to More Than 7 Percent of Cancers

Image More than 7 percent of cancer cases in the United States are attributable to excess body weight, a new study reports. Previous studies have established an association between body fat and at least a dozen cancers, with the highest risks for liver, uterine and esophageal cancers. The new report, in JAMA Oncology, found that…


Things That Rich People Enjoy: This Is Probably the Best Bath in New York City

There are many, many reasons to take up residence in New York City, but the quality of apartment fixtures does not usually register within the top 5,000. If you are a person who decided to relocate in order to experience the city’s constellation of Michelin-starred restaurants or fabulous, award-winning tap water, the odds are high…


Does a missed period and gassy stomach mean I am pregnant?

A missed period is when menstruation does not occur or does not follow its usual pattern. A gassy stomach may occur at any time. However, when gas or pressure appears in the abdomen at the same time as experiencing a late or missed period, many people think they may be pregnant. It is normal to…


Smoking weed while pregnant: Is it safe?

Some pregnant women use marijuana, and researchers are still unsure how the drug can affect a fetus. As a result, most medical experts recommend refraining from smoking weed during pregnancy. Marijuana is the illicit drug women most commonly take during pregnancy, and use is increasing in certain areas. As drug laws are relaxing in some…