8 High-Waisted Leggings That Will Make You Feel Like a Fitfluencer

The Statement Maker

Fabletics Seamless High-Waisted Statement Legging fabletics.com


Co-founded by Kate Hudson, Fabletics is the spot to find flirty, printed florals, laser-cut vents, and this subtly sexy lace-ups like this pair. Buy them in bulk, because you can shop two for $24. 

Bites: In Providence, R.I., Bustle Gives Way to Simple Pleasures

Image Blackback flounder brushed with carrot dashi, sesame and mirin.CreditJames Mark Rhode Island may be the smallest state, but its culinary scene is anything but small. From Cambodia to Cape Verde, Providence, R.I., restaurants span the globe in a big way. Big King is the latest restaurant in that city from James Mark, the chef-owner…


Medical News Today: What to know about oxycodone

Oxycodone is a type of pain-relieving medication that doctors may prescribe to help people manage moderate to severe pain. Oxycodone is an opiate (narcotic) analgesic. Opiate analgesics change how the brain and central nervous system respond to pain. These chemical changes stop a person from feeling pain in the same way as they did. This…


One Photographer’s Delicious (and Technicolor) Homage to Apples

The photographer William Mullan estimates that his obsession with apples began when he was a high schooler in Esher, a small town outside of London. An Egremont apple caught his eye at the local Waitrose, a British chain of upscale grocery stores. “I was really curious as to why such a highly selective supermarket would…


Hungry City: Thai That Takes a Cue From Its Brooklyn Neighbors

Wun maprao onn — or Coconut Delight, as the Bangkok-born Jess Calvo of Thai Farm Kitchen in Kensington, Brooklyn, calls it — is “the most difficult dessert to make,” he said. “First, you have to find the right young coconut.” This was a slightly easier task when he lived with ready access to coconut trees,…


Five Weeknight Dishes: Eat What You Crave!

Happy New Year! We are swan-diving into home-cooking season, one of the best times of year to just stay in. Somehow January has come to mean culinary austerity — it’s about what you can’t eat, rather than what you can — and I sort of hate that. There’s nothing really happening, and you also want…


8 Style Resolutions We’re Trying in 2019

A new year brings the chance to throw out everything you hated about the previous year and start with a freshly found energy. Often times this is related to your diet, sometimes your self-care regimen, almost always money—but it’s also a great time to consider personal style. I asked my fellow ELLE staffers to share…


The Pit Bull Gets a Rebrand

Gaby Savransky was walking his new puppy in Coffey Park, in the Red Hook section of Brooklyn. She was a silvery gray shade that dog breeders call “blue fawn.” Mr. Savransky announced to the onlookers cooing over his pet that her name was Esme, she was 11 weeks old, and the breed? Pit bull. Was…


City Kitchen: When Shepherd’s Pie Loses the Lamb

For most Americans, the word “pie” brings up images of apples (or some other fruit) encased in pastry and baked, cut into wedges and served for dessert, sometimes with a scoop of ice cream or a bit of whipped cream. But in Britain and throughout the Commonwealth, dessert pies are more often called tarts, and…