The NYT Is on It: Zendaya Is Meechee Is a Post-Vine Vine

Vine was all about the economy of seconds: How much physical humor, how many comedic turns, how satisfying a story arc could be squished into a six-and-a-half second video? Gabriel Gundacker had mastered the medium (and earned more than 800,000 followers) before Vine shut down in 2016. Since then, he’s largely reverted to more traditional,…


Anti-Age Brow Makeup

Eyebrows also change with age: they can thin out and droop a little. We are ready for these changes, and we know how to correct them with the help of make-up. Do not overdo it with plucking eyebrows In particular, this refers to the base of the eyebrow, because it is crucial in creating the…


On Repeat: 10 Designers on What Helps Them Get Their Work Done

Advertisement On Repeat Watching a classic “Sex and the City” episode, hydrating like a tennis player and other habits creative people in fashion have while on deadline. Sept. 25, 2018 Humans, including those in the fashion world, are creatures of habit — with days punctuated by highly specific rituals. In our series On Repeat, creative…


Cocktails the Lazy Way, at the End of the Day

Clean, bright lemons and fat green olives rest in wooden bowls beside a paring knife and cutting board. A mixing glass and coupe have chilled for hours. There’s an unlimited supply of fresh, unblemished ice. With an almost contemplative intensity of focus, I make myself a martini. Someone else will do the cleaning up. Oh,…


Appendicitis? Antibiotics May Be All You Need

Image Antibiotics may be a good option for many cases of appendicitis. Several randomized trials have shown that treating appendicitis with antibiotics rather than surgery may be safe and effective, but the long-term effects of avoiding an appendectomy have been unclear. Now in a new study, published in JAMA, researchers did a five-year follow-up of…


Malaysia’s Coffee and Tea Culture Take Root in Chinatown

In Malaysia, a kopitiam is an informal cafe serving coffee, tea, breakfast, snacks and classic dishes. Newly relocated to East Broadway, Kopitiam is a Manhattan restaurant that does all those things, with certain all-day dishes such as pan mee, a noodle soup, served from morning through evening.

10 Frequently Asked Wedding Etiquette Questions

If you’re planning a big, fancy wedding — or even a more modest affair — you need to know how to put it all together properly. This is where wedding-etiquette preparation may help. “Protocol, respect and behavior are still crucial,” said Myka Meier, the founder of Beaumont Etiquette, a consultancy firm in New York. “But…