Representation as Resistance in São Paulo


The photographer Gabriela Portilho examines personal style as a statement of identity, culture and strength on the streets of São Paulo, Brazil.

Photographs and Text by Gabriela Portilho

Produced by Elizabeth Bristow

Five Weeknight Dishes: Fast Favorites

Hello again, and welcome to Five Weeknight Dishes. I’m finding myself in the mood for chicken — roast chicken in particular, something juicy and salty and soul-anchoring. One of my absolute favorites from NYT Cooking is on the list below, Melissa Clark’s sheet-pan chicken with arugula, yogurt and potatoes. I fell back on a lot…


City Kitchen: A Delicate Treatment for a Just-as-Delicate Fish

When you head to the fish market, you may find small thin fillets of flounder, fluke, sole or plaice, or thick halibut fillets. As different as they may be in size, they are all related, part of the flatfish family — and delicate, mild and sweet tasting, with tender white flesh. They are aptly named,…


Q&A: How Wet Clothes Become Translucent

Q. Why do some fabrics become transparent when wet? A. Cloth, like paper, is made up of discrete strands of fiber with air between them. Light hitting the dry material is somewhat scattered within it, but a good share is reflected to the eye. This renders the material visible. Compared with the strands in the…


A Good Appetite: A Pasta as Versatile and Reliable as Your Pantry

Most pantry pasta recipes assume that you have a pretty bare larder. Made entirely from ingredients you’re likely to have on hand, the recipes are usually some minimalist combination of garlic, olive oil, bread crumbs, chile flakes, and possibly anchovies or Parmesan, or both. Delicious, absolutely, but not reflective of the breadth of even a…


Fashion Review: Burn It All Down

Advertisement Fashion Review Image Rick Owens, spring 2019.CreditCreditValerio Mezzanotti for The New York Times Sept. 28, 2018 PARIS — There’s no good way to write about fashion in the wake of the scorched-earth event that took place Thursday in the Dirksen Senate Office Building in Washington. No respectable segues into focusing on clothes. No agreed-on…


In Hong Kong, Hepatitis E Strain Jumps From Rats to Humans

HONG KONG — A man in Hong Kong has been found to have a strain of hepatitis E that had only been seen previously in rats, researchers said on Friday. While rats have passed on several other illnesses to people, this was the first discovery in humans of the rat variation of hepatitis E, a…


The Getaway: It’s Hip to Be Cheap as Hotels Democratize Design

If you haven’t visited a college campus, secondhand store or seen “Crazy Rich Asians,” in which one of the central characters possesses a Jamba Juice freebie card, you may not have heard: Thrift is cool. In hospitality, that spirit has worked its way from Airbnb mania to spinoff hotel brands and independent properties that promise…