What and when can a fetus hear?

People often wonder if a fetus can hear while in the womb. Many expectant parents will speak to or play music for a developing fetus. Evidence suggests that the auditory system starts forming at the 18th week of pregnancy and continues to develop until the baby is between 5 and 6 months of age. Everything…


Birkenstock Has a New Shoe—See 8 Ways We’re Styling it

Liza Boone As summer’s classic generation-spanning sandal, a Birkenstock is always a good idea—and this spring a totally new silhouette is joining the bunch. The Yao takes the brand’s slip-on-and-wear-with-anything vibe to even more versatile levels. Whether for brunch, vacation, or your average Tuesday, these slim-strapped sandals are just the addition your wardrobe has been…


No Recipes Required

Hi and welcome to Five Weeknight Dishes. I absolutely have to show you NYT Cooking’s newest baby, born on Tuesday evening and weighing in at 38 adorable meals. It’s “You Don’t Need a Recipe,” a collection of no-recipe recipes drawn from our boss Sam Sifton’s enormously popular newsletter. Each one is a dish you could…


A Sauce That Tastes Like a Good Sweater Feels

For reasons that are both tangible and psychosomatic, there is truly nothing like the middle of February to make you feel as though you won’t make it through winter. But instead of letting the early sunsets slowly drain my serotonin, I am starting to resist the gloom and finding joy in wintering, focusing on the…


22 Subtly Sexy Lingerie Brands to Put On Your Radar

Bonnie Underwire Bra Bubblegum



Made for the “women who wear lingerie as a love letter to themselves,” Lonely Label offers styles that are comfortable, light, and colorful. In between the neutral-toned pieces,you’ll find pops of color (green, yellow, pink), for those who like their lingerie to match their everyday moods.

City Kitchen: A Chicken Pie That’s Well Worth the Wait

Though I am by no means an expert in Moroccan cuisine, I have long been an ardent admirer. Even before my first visit, I began dabbling, learning from cookbooks. Over the years, I have become quite comfortable making a small repertoire of dishes of which I never tire: I love the abundant use of spices…


A Good Appetite: For a Silkier Salmon, Turn Down the Heat

Usually, I am a high-heat roaster. No matter what protein or vegetable is destined for the oven, I turn the knob upward of 400 degrees, and wing it from there. The more caramelization I’m after, the higher the heat I set it to, with the exact temperature depending on the size of the pieces and…


20 Under-$200 Dresses for the Next Wedding on Your Calendar

Have you, too, developed a love-hate relationship with wearing a new dress every time you attend a wedding? Welcome to the club. On one hand, we love getting glammed up—it’s adult prom! But on the other hand, the added costs of traveling, hotels, and gift registries are crippling. So we’re doing you a solid with…


Diet drinks linked to a higher risk of stroke after the menopause

Fresh research offers further information on the potential for diet drinks — that is, beverages sweetened with artificial sugar substitutes — to harm cardiovascular health. Artificially sweetened soft drinks may raise the risk of heart disease and death in postmenopausal women. A study that followed tens of thousands of postmenopausal women for more than 10…