The Best and Worst Moments of the 2019 Oscars

Who knew a hostless Oscars might turn out to be a good idea? Sunday’s ceremony, with its diverse winners’ list, made for a lively show, even if there were several head-scratchers. Here are the highs and lows as we saw them. [Read our analysis of the ceremony. | See the best looks from the red…


Scene City: Inside the Governors Ball After the 2019 Oscars

“You’re all going to get wet,” yelled Rami Malek, the Oscars’ newly minted best actor, shaking a magnum of champagne. The star of “Bohemian Rhapsody” was in the engraving room of the Governors Ball, the Academy Awards’ official after-party, where winners get their names etched on their statues. When champagne came surging out of the…


Scene City: Rami Malek, Lady Gaga, Mahershala Ali and Regina King Celebrate Their Oscars at the Governors Ball

After the Oscars ceremony, the stars took escalators up to the Governors Ball for the official after-party. Rami Malek, who won best actor for his role in “Bohemian Rhapsody,” sprayed champagne in the engraving room. “You’re all going to get wet,” he yelled.

Patrick T. Fallon for The New York Times

Medical News Today: When to see a doctor if a child has a nosebleed

Nosebleeds are common in children but are usually short-lived and rarely a cause for concern. Persistent, recurring, or very heavy bleeding may, however, require medical attention. Doctors refer to nosebleeds as epistaxis. Approximately 60 percent of people will experience a nosebleed at some point during their life. However, nosebleeds occur most commonly in children aged…


The New Health Care: Doctors and Racial Bias: Still a Long Way to Go

The racist photo in the medical school yearbook page of Gov. Ralph Northam of Virginia has probably caused many physicians to re-examine their past. We hope we are better today, but the research is not as encouraging as you might think: There is still a long way to go in how the medical field treats…


Q&A: Please Call Her Captain

“This is Captain Kate, but you can call me Captain because it took me 19 years to earn this title.” Those are typically the first words that passengers hear booming over the speakers when they are aboard any cruise ship helmed by Capt. Kate McCue. The announcement continues, like the woman who makes it, friendly…


In Milan, Men Win Supporting Roles

Image Gucci, fall 2019.CreditValerio Mezzanotti for The New York Times MILAN — There they were. You could choose your own metaphor based on your particular outlook. The barbarians at the gate? The late-comers to the party? Whatever else they were, at women’s fashion week, or Milano Moda Donna as the Italians call it, they were…


Shaped by Mérida’s Artistic Soul

On a sultry November afternoon in Mérida, Mexico, I sat with my friend David Serrano on the terrace of Apoala, a Mexican-fusion restaurant on the Plaza de Santa Lucia, tucking into Flores de Amarillo — zucchini blossoms stuffed with Oaxacan cheese — and people watching. David, a Mexican by birth and a Mérida resident by…


Shopping Guide: Shopping for Desk Chairs

At the office, a desk chair usually has just one purpose: to keep you comfortably upright in front of a computer. But at home, “it should be able to do a few things,” said Christine Gachot, a founder of the New York interior design studio Gachot. “Often it’s not just for yourself.” In addition to…