Medical News Today: What causes blurred vision and a headache?

Almost everyone has experienced a headache, which is pain in part or all of the head. If a headache occurs with or causes blurred vision, it may be due to an underlying condition or medical emergency. Causes of a headache and blurred vision will usually have additional symptoms. Some of these conditions can have serious…


Local Food in Puerto Rico Finds Energy in Recovery

SAN JUAN, P. R. — Before Hurricanes Irma and Maria plowed through Puerto Rico in late 2017, Natalia Quiles Deya was a full-time lawyer with a new hobby: growing papayas and root vegetables on land she rented in the island’s green, fertile interior. But once the storms passed and the extraordinary level of devastation became…


Restaurant Review: Kaiseki, Straight Up With a Twist

Before I tell you about the seasonally attuned courses the chef Hiroki Odo prepares at his new and virtuosic kaiseki restaurant, Odo, I want to tell you about some that he does not prepare. At two points during the March menu, a person who is not Mr. Odo faces you across the thick plank of…


Bringing New York Flavor to a Traditional Japanese Meal

Kaiseki is a traditional style of Japanese meal in which certain dishes are served in a fixed order. Creative chefs like Hiroki Odo find ways to work surprises into the ritual. At Mr. Odo’s new restaurant, Odo, a cocktail featuring mikan oranges was made in front of diners as an introduction to dessert.

Now You Can Shop Off of Instagram Without Ever Leaving Instagram

When Instagram rolled out its bookmark feature (saving posts in a neat «board» to view later), it made my life simpler. I didn’t have to scroll through my «Post You’ve Liked» page to find that dress or sneaker or makeup product I eventually wanted to purchase. Of course, it would be (dangerously) easier if I…


Psychic Mediums Are the New Wellness Coaches

“Intuition is magical, but it’s not reserved for a couple of people,” said Laura Lynne Jackson, 46. She’s from Commack, N.Y., and makes her living as a psychic medium, and she was talking to hundreds who attended this year’s In Goop Health Summit in New York City (tickets start at $1000) who were there to…


Knowing the Right Time to Say Goodbye to a Pet

Nearly 14 years ago, my daughter and I were grieving the death of my mother, and it seemed nothing could lift our spirits. Then we got Fluffy, a bouncing bundle of gray and white puppy, and everything changed. Fluffy kept us busy with pee pads and squeaky toys. She made us laugh in spite of…