The Gay Penguins of Australia

SYDNEY, Australia — It was a young penguin colony, and all but one of the couples were pretty bad parents. They would get distracted from their nests, go for a swim or play, and so neglected eggs were getting cold, likely never to hatch. This was normal for inexperienced penguins, and the aquarium managers didn’t…


Medical News Today: The best cancer-fighting foods

No foods protect people against cancer completely. The term cancer-fighting foods refers to foods that may lower the risk of developing cancer if a person adds them to their diet. This article looks at the best cancer-fighting foods and explains the science that supports these claims. Foods that contain naturally occurring compounds that have potent…


Trilobites: When Fungi Fight Back

It’s known as fight or flight — the message the brain sends your body when it detects something frightening. Something like it happens to plants when they are under attack, too. And then there are fungi — perhaps the most mysterious kingdom of multicellular life. Fungi too can sense attackers and manufacture powerful weapons to…


Modern Love: Tiny Love Stories: Date Night? Yeah Right

Most Important Photo Ever Neither of us wanted to be at our high school reunion. I was worried I would have to retell the story of my high school sweetheart’s death to pancreatic cancer over and over. He was recently separated after years of being in an unhappy marriage. We didn’t know each other in…


10 Valentine’s Day Gifts She’ll Love More Than a Gift Card

If you’re going to celebrate cupid’s favorite holiday then you might as well lean into all the sacchrine sweet paraphernalia it has to offer. Because for some, «Pay my rent for Valentine’s Day» just doesn’t have off up the same whiff of romance. Here, 10 gifts that are doused in hearts, littered in roses, and…


Model Mom

When he’s stumped or in a quandary, Humberto Leon often asks himself, “What would Wendy do?” It’s a question he has posed any number of times since founding Opening Ceremony, the outpost of alternative style that he runs with Carol Lim. Wendy, as it happens, is Wendy Leon, Mr. Leon’s mother — a dynamo, who,…


No Regrets: A Boozy Wake for Bygone Magazine Editors

The era of the lavish book party, like the golden age of glossy magazines, is mostly in the past. Like fading neutron stars, both collided last week at the Waverly Inn, the clubby restaurant in the West Village. Graydon Carter, an owner of the Waverly and the former editor of Vanity Fair, hosted a cocktail…


Gay Penguin Couple Foster Egg in Australia

By SEA LIFE SYDNEY AQUARIUM and STORYFUL | Jan. 15, 2019 | 0:59

Sphen and Magic, two male penguins at the Sea Life Sydney Aquarium, looked after an egg when a heterosexual penguin couple wasn’t up to the task. The 3-month-old chick will be called Sphengic until it gets a permanent name.