Front Burner: Danish Licorice Ready to Entice

Licorice is a favorite flavor in Scandinavian countries; unless you belong to the cohort that cannot bear it, you should keep it in mind as you explore Nordic cuisines. In Denmark, Johan Bulow is a confectioner who has achieved some renown for his Lakrids. His products start with fresh licorice root that he sweetens and…


Watch the Dior Fall/Winter 2019 Show Live

The Dior FW 2019 show is set to air on February 26 in Paris, France at 8:30 AM EST. See every look, live below:

I Live in This Ji Won Choi x Adidas Originals Collection Now

Getty ImagesDavid M. Benett Adidas Originals know what they’re doing. Don’t mess with the three stripes, and celebrities like Armie Hammer and a post-Oscars Melissa McCarthy will stick with you. But that doesn’t mean they won’t innovate. At London Fashion Week, the brand debuted a new collaboration with designer Ji Won Choi. The collection maintains…


Front Burner: This Baking Dish Goes Deeper

Jane Goodall Champions Conscious Clothing at Maison-de-Mode’s Sustainable Style Gala

Vivien KillileaGetty Images With the weather taking an ominous turn and the planet in serious peril, we know fossil fuels, factory farming, and single-use plastics are major problems, but what if what we’re wearing is also to blame? With throwaway plastic components, landfill-ready packaging and unethically sourced materials the norm, should we only wear vintage?…


CBD Is Everywhere, but Scientists Still Don’t Know Much About It

Cannabidiol, or CBD, a nonintoxicating component of the marijuana plant, is touted as a magic bullet that eases pain, anxiety, insomnia and depression. Salves, sprays, tinctures and oils containing CBD are marketed as aphrodisiacs that boost desire; as balms for eczema, pimples and hot flashes; and even as treatments for serious diseases like diabetes and…


Split-Sex Animals Are Unusual, Yes, but Not as Rare as You’d Think

All serious butterfly collectors remember their first gynandromorph: a butterfly with a color and pattern that are distinctly male on one wing and female on the other. Seeing one sparks wonder and curiosity. For the biologist Nipam H. Patel, the sighting offered a possible answer to a question he had been pondering for years: During…


A Dish That Captures the Greatness of British Cooking

It is England in the 1700s, and bits of meat are being thrown into a pot, their sizzling drippings cooking a thick batter that’s poured on top, making it puff up and crisp spectacularly. The batter, plus a good serving of gravy, transforms the random off-cuts into a satiating, delicious meal. The dish was first…


The Checkup: The Challenges of a Child’s Report Card

I ask children in the exam room how they’re doing in school, and generally they say O.K., or good, or maybe they squirm and say, not so good this year. The pediatric wisdom is always to push a little further, to ask for specifics — what subjects do you like best, which are the hardest,…