Medical News Today: What to know about supplements for muscles

Muscle-building supplements can improve physical performance during resistance training and help stimulate muscle growth. Protein and creatine are two popular supplements that can have these effects. Resistance training, such as weightlifting, puts a high degree of strain on the muscles. Over time, the muscles adapt, becoming stronger and, typically, larger. Many muscle-building supplements are available…


What Do New State Abortion Laws Really Mean for Women?

This week, the governor of Georgia signed one of the most restrictive abortion laws in the country. It effectively outlaws the procedure after six weeks of pregnancy. Republican governors in three other states — Mississippi, Kentucky and Ohio — have signed similar laws this year, marking a new and more severe tactic by the anti-abortion…


18 Father’s Day Gifts That Will Make You His Favorite Daughter

The U.S. Microbrewed Beer Club

Beer Month Club


If your dad is a beer afficianado, sign him up for a brew club. This one sends him twelve beers from two U.S. microbreweries each month, so he doesn’t have to leave his couch. 

How to Plan a Trip to the Appalachian Mountain Club Huts

Thousands of hikers head to the White Mountains of New Hampshire each year to stay in the high mountain huts of the Appalachian Mountain Club. Accessible only by foot and connected by the Appalachian Trail, the eight huts offer rustic but comfortable hospitality. For families with younger children, or hikers who may not have the…


You asked: How to Stop a Hot Flash

Is there new evidence that tells us about hot flashes in menopause? What is the cause? What can be done to reduce the frequency and intensity? — Lisa from Ontario, Canada [Have a question about women’s health? Ask Dr. Gunter yourself.] Short Take The currently accepted theory is that hot flashes are caused by a…


Reformation Just Launched Its First Shoe Collection and We Want Them All

First everyone fell in love with their floral dresses, then their denim, and now, Reformation is launching its first-ever shoe collection—and you’re going to want every pair for summer. From barely-there lace-up sandals to block heel mules and espadrilles, the brand’s foray into footwear is filled with all the sandals on your wish-list this season.…


At Louis Vuitton Cruise, the Fashion Set Takes Off

Only a brand like Nicolas Ghesquière’s Louis Vuitton could get the fashion set to hop on a bus and head to JFK airport at rush hour. That’s where we found ourselves for last night’s 2020 cruise presentation. Held at the newly renovated, Eero Saarinen-designed TWA Flight Center—which is soon to reopen as a hotel—this season’s…


Many Hospitals Charge Double or Even Triple What Medicare Would Pay

In Indiana, a local hospital system, Parkview Health, charged private insurance companies about quadruple what the federal Medicare program paid for the same care, according to a study of hospital prices in 25 states released on Thursday by the nonprofit RAND Corp. Colorado employers were shocked to learn they were paying nearly eight times what…


How ‘Canon in D Major’ Became the Wedding Song

As wedding traditions evolve, it becomes increasingly common to walk down the aisle to sappy, chart-toppers by Ed Sheeran or wistful acoustic covers of classic rock hits. But Johann Pachelbel’s “Canon in D Major,” a composition that shares elements of “Row, Row, Row Your Boat,” remains a perennial. [embedded content] «Canon in D Major» —…


Wine School: Soave Classico, More Famous Than Understood

When I was growing up in the 1970s, wines were frequently advertised on television and radio, especially the wines of Bolla, a giant producer in the Verona region of northeastern Italy. The wines Valpolicella, Bardolino and Soave became well known and highly popular, especially the Soave, or, as the announcer would croon, “Soave Bolla.” [embedded…