Medical News Today: What to know about calories and body fat

In relation to food and the body, calories are units of energy that allow the body to work. Food provides this energy, some of which the body stores and some of which it uses. As the body breaks down food, it releases calories as energy. Max Wishnofsky first propagated the concept that there are approximately…


Hasan Minhaj and Jessica Williams Will Present at the 2019 CFDA Awards

Issa Rae Only Wore Black Designers to Host CFDAs Read Issa Rae’s Full CFDA Awards Opening Monologue Issa Rae Hosts the 2018 CFDA Awards After making history in 2018 with host Issa Rae, the CFDA is shaking things up with a new format for its awards show. Today the CFDA announced that Hasan Minhaj and…


15 Last-Minute Father’s Day Gifts for the Dads in Your Life

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Modern Love: Tiny Love Stories: ‘Was He Fixated on Race?’

Broadcasting the Truth The things I was too scared to say to him in person, I would talk about on my podcast. I knew he’d be listening. My medication? Yes. Sexual history? Sure. Fears? I’d pepper these throughout the episodes. “It’s funny,” he’d say. “I’m learning so much about you. All I have to do…


Samin Nosrat’s 10 Essential Persian Recipes

“You may attend school in America,” my mom regularly told me and my brothers when we were kids in our native San Diego, in the 1980s, “but when you come home, you’re in Iran.” Accordingly, we spoke Farsi, and attended Persian school on Saturdays to learn to read and write the language; we listened to…


THE edit: You Really Can’t Go Home Again

Near the end of a cold run along the worn, red bricks of my alma mater, I turned to my friend. “Life here,” I said, with more than a hint of sadness, “just kind of moves on.” This was three months ago, nearly four years after I had graduated from the University of North Carolina…


In her words: Women, Alcohol and Perceived ‘Sexual Availability’

You’re reading In Her Words, where women rule the headlines. Sign up here to get it delivered to your inbox. Let me know what you think at “Just holding a beer bottle increased perceptions of intoxication and sexual availability for women.” — Jeanine Skorinko, a psychology researcher and author of a recent study about…


A New Chapter for an Italian Landmark

Most dinner customers at Del Posto choose the menu that costs $154 for five courses. Two of those courses are pasta. The pastas at Del Posto — including a plate-spanning, herb-filled, mussel-topped raviolo called a fazzoletto — are worth doubling up on.

The Best Red Carpet Looks From the 2019 Cannes Film Festival

The ritziest week of red carpet premieres has begun. The Cannes Film Festival has kicked off in France, and celebrities have dressed to the nines for the daily premieres of films. Here, the most breathtaking gowns, sharpest tuxedos, and prettiest column gowns stars like Selena Gomez, Elle Fanning, and more have worn on the carpet.