Scene City: Buzz Aldrin, Al Roker, Susan Lucci and Anna Wintour on the Awards Circuit

The Explorers Club celebrated the 50th anniversary of the lunar landing of Apollo 11 at its March 16 dinner at the Marriott Marquis. A stage full of Apollo astronauts, from left: Harrison Schmitt, Fred Haise, Michael Collins, Alfred Worden, Walter Cunningham, Buzz Aldrin and Rusty Schweickart.

Wedding Crashers Just Want to Have Some Fun

In the mid-1950s, when they were newly married and in their 20s, Judy and Robert Snow would often attend wedding receptions in the grand halls of the Plaza and Pierre hotels in New York. They sipped Champagne and nibbled on elegant canapés as they celebrated these marriages — but in many cases, the brides and…


Living With Cancer: In Honor of Seven Bridges

We don’t always know the people we mourn. This winter, an online message board for people with ostomies filled with comments deploring heartbreaking news from Kentucky. A 10-year-old boy named Seven Bridges took his life in January, apparently because of bullying related to his having had a colostomy. This child has something to teach those…


36 Hours: 36 Hours in Hoi An

Situated on the coast of central Vietnam, the former commercial port of Hoi An offers endless wonders, from fishermen launching bamboo basket boats along palm-fringed beaches, to farmers in conical hats harvesting rice in swathes of green paddies. But the marquee attraction is the well-preserved ancient town, brushed mustard yellow and festooned with colorful silk…


Nonfiction: To Nosh or Not to Nosh: An Immigrant’s Dilemma

SAVAGE FEASTThree Generations, Two Continents and a Dinner Table (A Memoir With Recipes)By Boris Fishman We should all be so lucky as to cook for Boris Fishman’s grandfather, a macher with a liquor cabinet full of excellent cognac and a jovial disregard for the dietary restrictions recommended by the agency that assigned him Oksana, his…


Sugary Drinks Tied to Shorter Life Span

Drinking sugary beverages is associated with a slightly increased risk for early death, a new study has found. Researchers used data from two large continuing health studies begun in the 1980s that include more than 118,000 men and women. Among many other health, behavioral and diet characteristics, the researchers collected data about their consumption of…


Scene City: A Billionaire’s Housewarming Party for 13,000 Fancy New Yorkers

Stephen M. Ross, the billionaire developer, was taking a victory lap at last week’s V.I.P. opening of the Shops and Restaurants at Hudson Yards, a day before the $25 billion neighborhood-in-a-box opened to the Instagram masses. “It’s the largest project ever done in America,” Mr. Ross, the chairman of the Related Companies, said on the…