Frostbite and Hypothermia: Tips to Stay Safe in Extreme Cold Weather

Here’s how to stay safe as a polar vortex puts the Midwest into a deep freeze this week: Do. Not. Go. Outside. Experts warn that even a short time in the blistering cold can be extremely dangerous, with the risk of hypothermia and frostbite increasing every minute. Of course, many of us have no choice:…


the edit: Who’s to Blame for Fast Food on Campus? You

Welcome to The Edit. Each week in our newsletter, you’ll hear from college students and recent graduates about issues going on in their lives. Sign up here to get it in your inbox. It was easy to laugh when President Trump served the Clemson University football team a fast-food buffet at the White House. The…


The Rumors Aren’t True: Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt Will Still Flow

When a rumor circulated on Twitter this week that Diamond Crystal kosher salt was being discontinued, cooks who were used to seasoning with it became remarkably anxious. A few fans even stocked up on the red-and-white boxes, just in case. “I didn’t pay it too much mind at first, because I couldn’t process a world…


11 ’80s-Inspired Outfits That Actually Make Sense in 2019

Statement Hair Accessories

Scrunchies and barrettes are having a moment, but padded headbands are our beloved pick from the decade. The statement accessory isn’t quite as iconic as the sporty headbands worn while using a Thighmaster, but they are way chicer.

Modern Love: Tiny Love Stories: ‘The Pink Was Wrong. The Name Was Too.’

What I Have Now Things I used to have: A tidy resume. Unfettered relationships. Nice hair. A paycheck. An almost complete disregard for anyone besides myself. A fully intact perineum. Steadfast opinions on child rearing. A self-regulating internal body temperature. A vague disdain for that mother who would “work from home” on Fridays even though…


Off the Menu: The Ribbon Opens a Branch in Times Square

Headliner The Ribbon Midtown Back in 2015, when they opened their first outpost of the Ribbon, on West 72nd Street, Bruce and Eric Bromberg said their menu was designed to be replicated in other locations. Now they’re finally testing it out. Except for a larger selection of seafood platters and a fried chicken that’s served…


Front Burner: Sheet Pans With Tread

I keep a small rimmed sheet pan — nonwarping — in my oven, not for want of storage elsewhere, but because I frequently use it and like to have it ready. A new heavy-duty aluminum pan from Chicago Metallic has wire-wrapped rims to resist warping and textured surfaces to aid in food release. The sheet…


The Evolution of the Super Bowl Halftime Costume

It’s hard to imagine the Super Bowl without the insane costumes its halftime show performers have worn—and Jeremy Scott’s outfit for Katy Perry Sunday is sure to join the mix. But back in ’90s when the first big Hollywood act took the stage—after almost 25 years of marching bands playing halftime—the costumes were tame. Glitz…


Medical News Today: What to know about multifocal breast cancer

Multifocal breast cancer is a form of breast cancer in which multiple tumors arise in the same area of the breast. There are many types of breast cancer. The type and characteristics, including the number of tumors and where they are, can affect a person’s treatment and long-term outlook. This article covers information about multifocal…


Front Burner: A Pre-Prohibition California Vermouth Returns

Until Prohibition, the Gundlach Bundschu wine company was known for its brandy and vermouth as much as for its table wines, made in Sonoma County, Calif., since 1858. These days, wine production dominates at the family-owned estate, but, with cocktails and aperitifs so popular, it is bringing back its martini-friendly white vermouth. It’s made from…