Manzanilla Sherry, the Salty Side of Wine

Manzanilla sherry is about as far as you can get from rosé in wine. That’s one good reason to make it our next subject. While rosé enjoys widespread popularity and marketing cachet, manzanilla resides largely in the hearts of sherry geeks. I’m not sure I qualify for full geekdom, but I do love sherry, and…


Beyond the Beach: Rosés with Character and Dimensions

I’m sitting in my Manhattan apartment, but in my mind I’m far away, watching the ocean, glass of rosé in hand, staring out at the waves breaking under pale blue skies, sea breezes rustling the leaves above. Such is the power of rosé to stir the imagination. Great wines are by nature transporting. They take…


We Want to Hear About Your Thanksgivings Spent in War Zones

This fall will mark the United States’ 18th year since the start of the global war on terror. And in each of those years, thousands of Americans found themselves commemorating Thanksgiving in conflict zones far from home and apart from their families. The Times is asking service members, veterans and civilians to share their experiences…


This Man Has Got to Stop Looking in My Window

I am a single woman who bought a house next to a small apartment building. The owner of the building visits several times a week. Every time he comes, he knocks on my door to chat or request needless access to my yard (to cut tree limbs that could easily be cut from his side,…


36 Hours in Camden and Rockport, Maine (and Environs)

If Maine’s much-debated slogan, “the way life should be,” were a place, the towns of Camden and Rockport and their surroundings might be it. On the Eastern Seaboard, where mountains meet ocean, the area has long attracted rusticators and “vacationlanders” who far outnumber residents in summer. These clapboard-and-brick towns sit two miles apart on schooner-spotted…


The Most Fabulous Old Folks Home


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Is Customer Service the New Therapy?

When Kate Lacroix was driving alone from Seattle to Vancouver for a funeral, she called AT&T to get an international wireless plan. By the time she arrived, not only did she have a new phone plan, she also had a refreshed outlook on life and death. “I was feeling lonely and wistful,” she said, “so…


My Son Got Lyme Disease. He’s Totally Fine.

When I mentioned to various people last December that my 9-year-old son, Akash, had Lyme disease, many immediately told me horror stories. A parent at the school bus stop told me about a family friend in her 20s who has never recovered from her infection. A co-worker at the neighborhood co-op told me that his…