36 Hours: 36 Hours in Mendocino County

Ninety miles north of San Francisco, Mendocino County is just faraway enough to have narrowly escaped the Bay Area’s radical transformation during the tech boom years. In contrast to other formerly quiet Northern California backwaters, Mendocino maintains its rural identity and eccentricities, including its longstanding status as one of the country’s major marijuana-producing regions. Where…


Fendi Will Pay Tribute to Karl Lagerfeld at Next Couture Show

Andreas RentzGetty Images Last February, the fashion world mourned the loss of Karl Lagerfeld who passed away shortly before the fall 2019 Chanel and Fendi fashion shows. At Chanel there was small moment of silence, while at Fendi the brand paid tribute to «Karl’s unparalleled creativity and timeless legacy,» with a small video tribute. This…


Social Q’s: My Sister-in-Law Is Messing Up Our Financial Plans

My husband and I have always kept our finances separate. We divide joint expenses equally. Lately, his sister has had trouble making ends meet. So, we supplement her income with a hefty monthly payment, which we split. I am starting to resent this! My husband agrees that I’m not required to help his sister, but…


Living With Cancer: The Lifesaving Power in Stem Cells

After the births of my babies in the ’70s, the umbilical cord connecting them to me was cut and trashed. But these days the blood inside can be preserved in a bank. It contains stem cells with the potential to save the lives of patients with leukemia, lymphoma or sickle cell disease. Stem cell treatments…


Meanwhile: Forget the Easter Bunny. Let’s Celebrate the Easter Bug.


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Medical News Today: Seaweed extract may help design new drugs

Researchers have found that marine Actinobacteria, a family of bacteria that lives in seaweed, may have antimicrobial and anticancer properties. Scientists are looking to kelp in the search for novel drugs. Many people think of microbes as organisms that cause disease, but humans host billions of microbes that are essential to our life. Microbes include…


Tacos. Tequila. Telenovelas. Nairobi Embraces Its Mexican Soul.

On New Year’s Eve, as people around the world celebrated with a kiss or a glass of champagne, some partygoers in Nairobi celebrated a different way: with 12 grapes, one for each month of the year, as the clock ticked down to midnight. This Mexican tradition, which dates back to the Spanish colonial period and…


Prostate Drugs May Raise Diabetes Risk

Two commonly used drugs for treating an enlarged prostate may increase the risk for Type 2 diabetes. Benign prostate hypertrophy, or B.P.H., may cause difficulty in urinating or increased frequency and urgency of urination. A study published in BMJ examined the use of two similar drugs often prescribed for the condition, finasteride (Proscar) and dutasteride…


Rites of Passage: ‘Will You Stay With Me Until I Die?’

I was mainlining pretzels in my office kitchen as I waited for Julie to arrive. Whenever she was late, I would think the worst. Should I check on her between sessions or let her call if she needed me because I knew she had trouble asking for help? Should therapists’ boundaries be different — looser…