Is it possible to get pregnant from anal sex?

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The Microhotel, a Category Seeing a Growth Spurt, Makes Small Stylish

They appeal to senior citizens and millennials, business travelers and backpackers. And they’re particularly attractive to hotel developers, who can pack in more guest rooms than in a typical hotel. They’re known as microhotels, inspired by the Japanese capsule or pod hotels of 40 years ago that offered cheap, tiny accommodations to businessmen. The new…


New Pints From Pennsylvania

Art Cream is a new line of ice creams from a company in Orwigsburg, Pennsylvania, with containers splashed with designs by employees from the company working with artists. Luciano Vitali Alves, who founded the company last year and began selling pints this summer, developed a love for ice cream early, in his mother’s shop. His…


A Leonard Cohen Cocktail

In addition to his multiple talents, it turns out that Leonard Cohen also knew how to mix a drink. He created a simple three-ingredient cocktail called the Red Needle back in 1975. It consisted of tequila, cranberry juice and lemon, not as sweet as a Cosmopolitan (which came along later) and served in a stem…


A Leap Forward in Measure Technology

Flavored Salt Worthy of Your Pantry

Flavored salts, in my view, simply clutter the kitchen counter. If you have good sea salt and high-quality herbs or spices on hand, there’s no trick to creating your own. But there are exceptions, like this new one, new to our pantries, from Oaxaca, Mexico, which combines salt with pequín and arból chiles and dried,…


Natural Wines, Explained

In her slender new book, the wine writer Alice Feiring deconstructs natural wine, the trend that’s sweeping the wine world. Ms. Feiring, whose middle name should be “terroir,” starts by describing what natural wine is not: It lacks the fruit, power and oak of some high-end wines. Ms. Feiring takes the same approach to wine…


Brooklyn Gets a Dominican Chocolate Shop

Rizek Cacao, a chocolate grower, processor and exporter, was founded in the Dominican Republic in 1905 and is now being run by the fifth generation of the Rizek family. The company owns 25 farms on the island and contract with another 2,500 small farmers to whom they provide technical support through a nonprofit organization. It…


What Fall Fashion Looked Like the Year You Were Born


Designer Norman Norell took traditional elements, including wool and plaid, and constructed a three-piece outfit. A cape and fuller pants, as opposed to peacoat and skirt, gave this look a modernized twist.